The Hivery Showcases Local Women Artists

The Hivery is delighted to have the opportunity to showcase art in our space by local, women artists. These artists infuse our space with creativity, beauty, and are wonderful examples of women expressing themselves and creating. We are honored to have Lucie Charkin, a Hivery member with a strong background in visual arts and art consulting, leading our rotating art program. We wanted to take a moment to chat with her about women artists, what creativity does for our work and lives, and how she’s integrated art into her business. 

Grace: We’re thrilled to have you helping us to find and showcase female artists. It’s both positive for The Hivery as we get to enjoy the beautiful art-filled walls, but hopefully it’s a way for our community to support women’s art and creative expression. Tell us more about the program at The Hivery and how you see it bringing art into the community.

Lucie: I am delighted to have the opportunity to feed into the energy and feel of The Hivery. I see our co-working environment as a creative space filled with self-motivated and open-minded others. So it makes sense to want to bring a handful of artists into the mix to both refresh and enhance our shared experiences as members. 

Lucie Charkin - The Hivery Blog

Grace:  Why do you think it’s important to integrate art into our physical environment and what impact do you see that having on the energy, creativity, and success of our members working in our space?

Lucie: What motivates any individual artist to make art is always different. But what I love most about being around great art is, not only the satisfaction that it brings to the viewer. But also the energy that you get from knowing that it's maker is working though a creative process and practice that physically evolves with each new art work. I feel that the artists that I will be showcasing will bring this creative force alongside a lovely end product to The Hivery. I also think they will gain from being in our community of women who are each working on their own practices, process and products, as this sort of dialogue will enhance the working space for all of us. 

The Hivery Showcases Local Women Artists - The Hivery

Grace:  What are your thoughts on creativity? Do you think inspiration and creativity can be contagious through programs like this that integrate art into community?

Lucie: Yes! I think we all creative because we are always making new connections in what we see, feel and think. I think that programs like this can also help create moments of ‘creative awareness’ in all of us. These are the little sparks that pop up in our day to day lives that we all enjoy. It’s that feeling that a new experience offers, like just hitting the re-fresh button, that is universally satisfying and ‘creative’ for everyone of any age. 

The Hivery Showcases Women Artists with Lucie Charkin

Grace: What kinds of art inspire you when you’re searching for the right aesthetic and medium for The Hivery? What do you look for?

Lucie: When I think of The Hivery as a physical space and a community, I see energy, different approaches, open mindedness, bravery and boldness. I also see self–reflection, hard work and a commitment to a process that always has the chance of failure. So I find that when I am looking for artists to show here I am drawn to the work of those who have thought about what they are trying to express and found their own way of doing it. I like to work with artists who are not afraid to experiment and grow their practice through a cycle of trial and error. I like to see a deliberate choice in materials, color and form as well as a working knowledge of other artists or creative sources that continue to inspire and inform their work. You will see a number of different types of work coming through the space but the commonality is a commitment to creative renewal with-in a strong, consistent, personal style.

The Hivery Showcases Local Women Artists with Lucie Charkin

Grace: In addition to leading the art showcase at The Hivery, you’ve started your own business around bringing art into everyday life. Tell us about “A Little Culture” and what your vision and dreams are for your business? How does being at The Hivery inspire your business?

Yes, I started A Little Culture about a year ago now. In this first year I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people who have joined in the program and in so doing helped me shape the products that people really want. 

A Little Culture offers cultural adventures that families and friends can share. We do this through thoughtfully curated events and products that scaffold a deeper knowledge of the arts through a blend of live experiences, information and deliberate opportunities for self-reflection and sharing. We seek to build creative awareness, at any age, by celebrating the connections between art forms and people.

My vision and dream for A Little Culture is that it really provides the tools and inspiration to help people use the arts as a way to deepen relationships, self-knowledge and a life long enjoyment of the arts. 

Being a member of The Hivery is like having a continual reminder that community, creativity and hard work are great companions for growth. 

Lucie Charkin -The Hivery Blog

Lucie Charkin established A Little Culture in California as a response to the need for a more connected experience across the arts. Since 2009, Lucie has been working with educational specialists and cultural institutions to find better ways to allow adults and children to learn through and experience the arts.  

Lucie is a Curator, Arts Writer and Producer of Arts Festivals.  In 2012, Lucie and her husband Mark moved to California with their three daughters.

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