What Are We Grateful For At The Hivery?

This time of year we give thanks to the people, places, and things that enhance the quality of our lives. With that in mind, we asked our Hivery members the following question: 

What Are You Grateful For At The Hivery?

They responded in many ways that reflect the kindness, support and inspiration that our members get from our community, and how the space itself makes them feel. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did!

What Are Your Grateful or At The Hivery - The Hivery Blog

I'm so grateful to show up each day and be greeted with warmth. Instantly barriers come down and the spirit can shine! And the rest unfolds accordingly. Thanks to all the Hivery ladies for being welcoming and beautiful souls.

Jennifer Kimpe, Marketing Strategist  

I'm grateful to have a bright, cozy place to go and crank on work when I am busy! And it's always nice to connect with other members while I'm there - for a quick hello, or a longer chat.

Susan George, Kickstart Marketing

It is an extension of the supportive, inspiring community of women that I am so grateful to have in my life & who it is my greatest honor to serve.

Jenny Terry, CEO & co-founder, Speak To Me events series

I am grateful for GRACE and her smart, gentle guidance which has raised my endeavor to a much higher level! I am also grateful for the beautiful, peaceful Hivery space in which to work, and for the exciting Hivery community of women doing awesome things in the world!

Hillary Sloss, Firefly Institute, photography camps for women

The Hivery is my space station. Let me explain. I often feel untethered from community, I live far from family, I spend my days in a pretty fixed orbit of grocery stores, errands and extracurriculars. Creatively, I was losing oxygen. Landing at The Hivery allowed me to refuel in all ways possible. I am grateful for the people, for my renewed sense of creative and professional purpose, for the time to check in with myself. Thanks to The Hivery, I have finished and submitted essays, held meetings for an upcoming performance production and connected with like-minded members. I am especially grateful to Grace for continually thinking of more opportunities for me - that I would never be brave enough to seek out on my own.

Tarja Parssinen, writer/performer/producer/director of the blog The Flying Chalupa 

What Are You Grateful For At The Hivery? - The Hivery Blog

I am grateful for the inspiring and resourceful women I speak to and work with at "my sanctuary" where I can come to to work, learn and grow as a business owner and as a woman. 

Sophie Davies, marketing strategist & co-founder, Prim'd Marketing 

I am thankful for the collaborative energy of the space and the support of everyone there. I am also thankful for a desk space that is not covered with legos and yesterday's sippy cups :)

Megan Flatt, business growth strategist, meganflatt.com

I am incredibly grateful to have found the Hivery! I have been looking for a VERY long time for a warm, and gracious space to do my work, outside of my own kitchen table! Smart, and friendly women, coming together in a beautiful and cozy work space, it just doesn't get better than that! Thank you Grace…I am grateful!

Linda Lesem, life and career coach, Linda Lesem Consulting 

The Hivery is like real-life, in-person social media. While I'm there, I get a constant stream of cool ideas, newsy tidbits, motivational fodder, and inspirational quotes from lovely, interesting people – without ever having to look at my screen.

Mary Michael Pringle, copywriter, marymichael.com

What I am most grateful for is Grace, who she is and what she does. Through the Hivery she creates a space that supports, inspires and holds women inside and out, so they can show up to who they really are and pursue what they love. As a result, every time I show up to the Hivery (even if it's been weeks) I feel like I am a welcome, vital part of a community of awesome women! This empowers me to be who I am and do what I am here to do.

Samantha Wallen, writer/ mentor, Write In Power

Being new to the Bay Area, The Hivery helped me feel at home, surrounded by a group of creative and supportive rockstars. For that, I am immensely grateful.

Tracy McMillan, CEO, localelikki

I'm grateful for the beautiful and thoughtfully laid out serene surrounding of the workspace as well as the welcoming environment full of beautiful and happy women.

Christine Berg, Christine Berg Recruiting 

I'm grateful that The Hivery gives me a group of business women to belong to. Sometimes it's even the smallest parts that feel the most meaningful (eating lunch all together, having a fellow remember a big proposal you sent you, being greeted by a chorus of "good mornings" when I walk in the door). Entrepreneurship can have it's exhilarating moments and it's difficult moments — and in both cases I'm always grateful that I have my "gang" of women to share in the ride. 

Jenni Brown, marketing strategist & co-founder, Prim'd Marketing

I'm grateful for the support of the other Hivery members!

Mary Gassen, operations and financial expert, Launch

Wow...big, happy sigh. What am I grateful for? I'm beyond grateful for the women who walk through The Hivery doors (literally, virtually, and metaphorically). And, I'm grateful for the friends, family, and even strangers who have shown their love and support for what we are building together at The Hivery.

Most of all, I am grateful for women who have the courage to step up, the honesty to admit that it's scary sometimes, the passion to embrace who they really are, and the kindness to support each other in the process.

I am more than grateful...I feel more alive than ever, because of each of you. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  xoxo, Grace

Grace Kraaijvanger, Founder, The Hivery