Are You Denying Your Desire To Write? A Guest Post by Samantha Wallen

The biggest desire that most of my clients have is the desire to write a book (or several for that matter). Most know for certain that they’ve always had an interest in or love of writing but they can’t seem to find the time or motivation to do it, or they worry that they are not  “real” writers because they have never been published.

Often hidden within that desire is another desire to not only write the book(s), but to make it onto the NY Times Best Seller list and be launched into a world of fame and fortune. Guest appearance on Super Soul Sunday anyone?

But each woman I work with also has at her core these questions:

Am I good enough?
Does what I write matter?

These have been my questions too.  Time and time again they stop us from getting to the page, claiming and completing the book, and from fulfilling our deep longing for the full expression of who we really are.

Desire is the answer to these questions!

Your DESIRE is the gateway to your destiny—your Soul’s very purpose for being here.

When you silence, ignore, doubt, or shut down your Desire, you block your Soul from fulfilling its divine errand and you deny your genius.  

Are You Denying Your Desire To Write? - The Hivery Blog

Here’s why:

Desire comes from the root of the word star and fundamentally means “of the light” or “to connect to the light.”

Destiny comes from Latin destinare and means “of the stars.”

When you Desire something, with a capital “D”—meaning that which pulls at your heart day by day and keeps you up at night—you are being called to connect to your light.  Your Desire is your Spirit, your Soul, you Source seeking full expression.

It’s not a question of “Am I the one to do this?” or “Can I do this?” The question is:

Am I willing to follow my light and let it lead me to the complete and full expression my Soul is asking for?

In other words:  Are you willing to fully become yourself?

The old meaning of genius refers to “the spirit that is already there.” So real genius is the capacity to access and express the spirit and knowing that is already within you. Real genius is to express the language that is already written on your Soul, the meaning that has been there from the very beginning of your life. It is the meaning that only reveals itself through your one unique experience and expression of life.

Storyteller and author, Michael Meade says, “Fame is to be seen standing in your genius and to have your destiny made visible.”

So the dream of fame is really your Soul asking if you are willing to stand and be seen in your genius and let your destiny be fulfilled.

If you have a Desire to write or to create something that uplifts, transforms, matters to or inspires someone else, or if you are being called to write a book even if it scares the hell out of you, it is because you are absolutely meant to do it! It is not some silly idea, idle luxury, or pipe dream.

Your life is actually depending upon it!

My mentor often says, “Where the desire is present, the way to fulfill the desire is also present.”

You wouldn’t want it, if you didn’t already have the capacity to create it.

You just have to claim it and be willing to follow your Desire all the way through to what is waiting for you on the other side.

What becomes possible if you commit to writing the book? What is waiting for you on the other side of your fulfilled Desire? Who do you get to become?

Are you ready to commit to making it real?

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Samantha Wallen - Te Hivery blog

Samantha Wallen, MFA is a poet, author, expert writing enthusiast, and the Founder/Creator of Write In Power, a business offering programs and mentoring using writing as a transformative and spiritual practice. She utilizes her mindfulness training and teaching experience from Naropa University in Boulder, CO to help visionary women use writing to wake up to their inner potential and access and express their full creative power and message. Visit Sam at