Top 10 Reasons to Come to The Hivery

Why come to The Hivery when you have a home office?

We chatted with members to find out the top ten reasons they love to escape their home offices for the vibrant energy of The Hivery. The responses were indicative of the energy that makes up The Hivery's community. Here are the highlights:

1) Working at home all the time can be isolating and lonely.

2) Collaboration among creative women leads to new ideas, confidence, and resources.

3) Network with other vibrant, like-minded women who want to do, act, create, and put themselves out there.

4) Learn from other Hivery women’s expertise. 

5) Meet valuable resources and potential partners for what you’re working on…our members end up hiring each other to help them write, design websites, budget, plan social media, create their business offering, write proposals, and many more.

6) Get support and encouragement during times of self-doubt and when your inner-critic voice gets a little noisy.

7) Set aside time to focus without household distractions (no laundry to fold!)

8) Get stuff done! The Hivery can be a place where you focus on 2-3 things (writing your blog, designing your site, cleaning up your finances).

9) Get dressed…you’ve got some place to go! 

10) A place of kindness…friendly faces who know you, your work, and your dreams. Accountability from a kind place leads to action! 

Would you like to join us? Contact to set up a tour. We would love to have you!