Magic That Happens At The Hivery

At The Hivery our members can announce their successes on The Victory Board (you may have seen some on our Instagram under hashtag #thehivery). But we also wanted to share these victories with the whole community and explain how The Hivery inspires it's members in so many different ways. 

A perfect example of this magic is this wonderful email I recently received from Hivery member, Meghen Kurtzig. Meghen is a speculative fiction writer who is working on her first novel, and uses her time at The Hivery as her writing time and inspiration zone. 

Magic That Happens At The Hivery - Meghen Kurtzig


Meghen wrote:

"I wanted to say thank you for the Hivery magic. I went to your 'Product of You' workshop and the accountability coffee at The Hivery. You asked us to think of the one thing we wanted to accomplish and asked us to take action. I had been on the fence about applying to a writing program through Stanford but when you asked, that was what I said without thinking.
I wanted to report back to you that I was just accepted to the program and will spend the next two years working with Stanford professors and students from all over the world (the program is online) to get my novel in top shape. I will need the Hivery more than ever to keep up with the new workload but I am so excited and had to share it with you. 
Thank you for all that you do!"

We wish Meghen all the best with the next chapter in her story and are grateful to have her as part of The Hivery community. We're excited that Meghen plans to use her time at The Hivery to write and grow with her Stanford program. 

We would love to give a shout-out for your victories, too. Tell us how The Hivery is sprinkling some magic on your business or creative pursuit! 

Meghen Kurtzig headshot on The Hivery blog.png

Meghen Kurtzig is a speculative fiction writer, co-producer for Listen to Your Mother San Francisco 2015, Finance Manager for the nonprofit Write On Mamas and contributor to the essay collection Mamas Write: 29 Tales of Truth, Wit, and Grit. She is currently working on her first novel and loves being a Hivery member.  

You can connect with Meghen on her websiteInstagram