Hivery Collaborations: Riva Letterpress and Hi5 Studio

The Hivery attracts women with similar energy, passion, and goals to either take an idea and make it a reality, or build a business or endeavor to the next level. Both require stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new creative things to cultivate growth within yourself.

This is happening at The Hivery everyday, and we are constantly amazed at how that growth accelerates for women that support each other. We wanted to share some of the exciting collaborations that happen between Hivery members, and the magic that happens when they come together to make beautiful things.

Elizabeth Micsky & Sophia Mavrides on The Hivery blog

We kick off our "What Happens Here" blog series with two creative members who have come together to create something beautiful. Elizabeth Micsky is the founder and creative designer of letterpress co. Riva Letterpress, and Sophia Mavrides is a digital designer and owner of Hi5 Studio. Together they have collaborated to produce a new highlight video for Riva Letterpress. 


Tell us how your collaboration first came about?

Elizabeth: Sophia and I were talking over lunch at the Hivery about her interest in expanding some of her client offerings at Hi5. We spoke about her talents in videography and photography and how they could potentially benefit my business at Riva Letterpress. I think as small business owners, we are constantly trying to grab new attention in creative and fresh ways, so we instantly bonded over this shared desire.

Sophia: I met Elizabeth a few months back working out of The Hivery. We struck up a conversation about what we do for work, and she shared that she had started her own letterpress company, and I thought that was so cool! I had always admired letterpress stationary and had been curious about the process of creating custom letterpress cards. It opened up a conversation which sparked the idea of finding a way to share this process with others…I offered to document this in the form of a promotional video for her website.


Elizabeth Micsky, Riva Press on The Hivery blog

Tell us about the creative process of working together?

Elizabeth: Initially we spoke about taking video of me explaining letterpress and the whole process to a client but ultimately we wanted people to actually see everything in motion, especially how beautifully the press works. We collaborated together to take step by step footage of an invitation suite coming together in the shop. With Sophia's creative eye and my determined inked up hands, we shot a lot of fun footage together!

Sophia: Elizabeth rocks. We had chatted a little bit prior about what the shoot might look like. I did a bit of research on other similar videos, to get a better understanding of her industry prior.  She offered for me to come to her print studio to shoot her producing a wedding invitation order. It was a organic creative process. I wanted to capture her in her natural element working to illustrate her process and to have it feel real and not staged. It was really a joy to witness and capture her creative process, and she was focused and relaxed, which made for great material. 


Give us one or two examples of how working together versus in isolation keep you inspired and build momentum?

Elizabeth: At the Hivery we are lucky to be in this sea of creative, driven minds. It has opened up the door to getting that feedback from other peers I wouldn't ever get to be around. Everyone brings some unique quality or expertise to the table, like Mary Gassen from Launch. I had heard about her step by step process for new businesses looking to get organized and get their finances together. Luckily we did a couple of sessions to get all of my spreadsheets and receipts in order so that going forward, I have an efficient system for seeing my strengths and weaknesses in sales and expenses. Without the community at the Hivery I wouldn't have even realized I needed some guidance in that area. My CPA loves me now!

Sophia: Meeting Elizabeth ignited my creativity and pursuit of photography and videography. It inspired me to get behind the camera again and hone my videography and editing skills, which I’m really loving!  She was willing to experiment with me, and in that freedom a beautiful thing came out of it!


Elizabeth Micsky, Riva Press on The Hivery blog


Did you have any fears about collaborating with someone outside your business?

Elizabeth: The main fear for me is always judgment. How will others perceive my work? Owning your own business is such a personal thing and an intimate reflection of someone's hard work. Part of that reality is learning to accept criticism and failure and try to change the way I do certain things in my business.

Sophia: A lot of my website design work is about collaborating with others during the creative process…however taking on videography was a new thing, so I felt vulnerable at first offering up my new skills, in fear of looking amateur. 


Elizabeth Micsky and Sophia Mavrides on The Hivery blog


How would you encourage a member to collaborate with a fellow Hivery member?

Elizabeth: Lunch or cocktails! A simple conversation starts it all, and the environment at the Hivery is so warm and welcoming. Ask another member to grab a bite and talk about what they do and what you do. Two people may be able to network in some area that they "know a guy/girl" who does websites/knows legal matters, etc.

Sophia: Just ask and don’t be shy! It seems there is a collection of so many different talented women here ~ you have life coaches, business advisors, marketers, designers, photographers, writers — you name it. So if you seek to find help in any area of your business or life, you are likely to find that support at The Hivery.

There is also a lot of opportunity for trading skills too, as Elizabeth and I have done. 


Sophia and Elizabeth are excited to share the fruits of their labor by giving us an exclusive look at the new Riva Press video. Check it out below: 

Elizabeth Micsky headshot - Riva Press on The Hivery blog

Elizabeth is the owner and creative designer at Riva Letterpress, is a fresh design & print co. crafting letterpress stationery, invitations and custom paper goodies in northern CA.

Letterpress is a craft in itself, and because each piece is hand pressed one at a time, the beauty lies in the slight differences in inking and impression.
You can connect with Elizabeth on her website or Instagram.

Sophia Mavrides of Hi5 Studio on The Hivery blog

Sophia is the owner of Hi5Studio who specializes in video, website & digital marketing design.

She is also responsible for the gorgeous design of The Hivery's website as well!

You can see her work on her website and connect with her on Facebook & Instagram.