Why I Changed My Life.

Since starting The Hivery two years ago, I am frequently asked why I started our space and community of women, including what prompted quitting my job, changing my commitment to myself, and taking leap after leap toward the belief in women creating meaningful work together. 

In this short talk that I gave at last year's Woven World Conference, I shared how I used the path of creating The Hivery to bring passion back into my work, and how a sad, dark time revealed a commitment to creating art, with a community of vibrant women as my medium. How a shift in perspective reminded me that each of us can create art and beauty. And that the only tools we need to be artists, are those we already hold within. 


View The Video Below:


Through The Hivery blog, we will continue to explore the integration of creative life into the everyday, and how we can use connection and community to support each other and our aspirations. Shine on, dear Hivery members, and embrace that creative life of yours. I'd love your feedback or how you're embracing the creative process in the day-to-day life, below.  

p.s. If you're interested in hearing more talks like the one I gave at last year's Woven World, definitely check out the 2016 Woven World Conference, founded by Hivery member, Monika Szamko.