Tools & Technology: Hivery Faves

Hivery Favorites for Making Us More Productive, Less Stressed & More Available TO DO What Matters Most!

This is a list of technology, tools, apps, and systems that Hivery members recommended at our last Lady-Boss-Lunch (formerly known as our Founder’s Circle). We wanted to share it with you, as the purpose of this list is to help us all create time, space, and processes to focus on the things that matter to us most.

We’ll continue to add to the “The Hivery Recommends…” list, based on our community’s feedback and we will welcome your additions in the related blog post.  Enjoy!

Tech/Tools/Resources That Hivery Members Recommend:

  • ConvertKit:  Email management.  Smart segmentation, measures specific activity, re-sends to unopened emails.  A few Hivery members were using this as their next step after Mail Chimp.
  • TextExpanderCreate shortcuts for text snippets that you use a lot.

  • Moodies:  Emotions app that gives feedback on your tone (we tried it during our lunch …it was fun and pretty spot on!).

  • Skiplagged: Smart way to find cheap flights.

  • (I’m in LOVE with this!): Gmail plug-in that schedules emails, tracks, allows you to insert available meeting times into an email, and has a “magical user experience”.

  • Bradley: iPhone app for booking travel quickly and affordably (text Bradley your travel requests).

  • Boomerang: A chrome extension that schedules emails and helps you own when you deal with your email.

  • QuickBooks Online: Access to financial info anywhere, including mobile.

  • MailChimp: Email management, pay per subscriber, templates included.

  • Prezi: Alternative to power point for great presentations.

  • Canva: Easy design for making social media ads, calls-to-action, and Facebook ads that look great.

  • Fancy Hands: Quick, inexpensive, and reliable virtual assistant on-demand. Members have used for canceling appointments, arranging date night, sending flowers, and price research.

  • Task Rabbit: Hire what you need from delivery to handyman to moving to organizing. They’ll even wait in line for you.

  • Fiverr: Design and professional services. Can be hit-or-miss (you get what you pay for). Recommended vendors are: Adfarr for proofreading, and Opik_Design for infographics. There are tons more. And yes, many services are just five bucks. 

  • Just Not Sorry: An app for phrases that undermine your message like, “I’m just…” or “Sorry, but…”.

  • Basecamp: Project Management.

  • Asana: Project Management (we had a mix of people who favored Asana or Basecamp).

  • Things: A to-do list app.

  • Venmo: An easy way to send/receive money.

  • The best interface for having organic, farmer’s market-style food delivered free to your door (prices comparable to Whole Foods).

  • Schedulista: Online scheduling tool for easily showing availability and meeting time options.

Have a favorite tool that you’d like to share? Post below.

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