Dare to Step Out: Lessons From Ballet Class

At our Entrepreneur Retreat, I shared the lessons that I've learned about life from dance class. I'm fascinated by the wisdom that being a student of art or any discipline offers us.

When we create as artists (whether in the traditional sense or the metaphorical sense of creating something new), we own and embody our work as an expression of who we are. We show up and step out.

In this talk, I discuss how there are two ways to do the same ballet step:

1) The safe way. Underneath the body, cautious, and small.

2) The bolder way. To step out. To step clearly with intention. To step out of the norm. To make something new.

You don't make change, if you don't step out.

So many of us are seeking what that next contribution will be that we offer to this world. Watch this video for my learnings on what it means to boldly step out, and dare to pique.