2016: A Year in Review! And Onward into 2017!

A New Year Note from Grace:

What a year it's been! As I look forward into 2017 and plan what's next for The Hivery, I looked back to review how far we'd come. As I remembered the journey of this year, tears of joy and pride came to my eyes. The Hivery is on a mission for women and as we move toward a New Year, we are feeling unstoppable.

Check out this AHMAAAZZING video we created to recap an unbelievable year.

Or, want the Cliff Notes? Read our 2016 recap below. 

  • We tripled the size of our space when we opened in our new home in late February of 2016.
  • We opened with 28 loyal members, and close the year with almost 250!
  • We created a gorgeous space filled with light and art.
  • We have welcomed over 2,000 people through our doors.
  • We have held 73 events and workshops aimed at honoring the unique gifts of every woman. 
  • We created a new concept, a co-working space and inspriation lab for women.
  • Our team grew from a one-woman show to a talented team of ten.
  • We welcomed members from all over the Bay Area (Sonoma to Pacifica to the East Bay) and hosted women from all over the world.
  • We awarded fifteen women semi-finalists to our We Rise Scholarship program.
  • We featured 15 women artists. 
  • We created our first, all-day Entrepreneur Lab, and we featured bad-ass women speakers and mentors all year long.
  • We created a platform and safe gathering space for women activitsts who want to make our world better. 
  • We were awarded as semi-finalists for the SheEO radically generous funding model for women-owned business. 
  • Collectively, we published books, started businesses, started writing, formed partnerships, increased our income, quit our day jobs, sent kids to college, sent kids to preschool, and have loved very deeply.
  • As a community, we funded women-owned business, created mentorship, donated professional clothes to "Bloom", supported Youth in Arts, Kiddo, local schools, the Marin Birthing Center and the Marin City Toy Drive, and more.
  • We created a work/exchange program to launch women's next chapters and watch our concierges transform their lives and the people they help. We were welcome by the vibrant community of Mill Valley and asked to please bring The Hivery all over the world.
  • We had four Hivery babies, and one more on the way! 
  • We fell in love with feminism, we used our voices, built, created, grew, pushed internal and external boundaries, all with the mantras of creativity, collaboration, and kindness.

And here's the thing...we are just getting started. 

Think you can't make an impact in one year? Think you should wait for a "better time"?

Now is the time.

This is it. This moment, this YOU, is full of unique potential that only you can contribute to this world. 2017 is your year.

How can the New Year be an opportunity to create actionable intentions? Not in an ego-driven, or self-criticizing resolution kind of way, and not based on self-fixing, but in a soulful way? Be real, be you, and come to The Hivery in 2017.

We'd love to help you Jumpstart your year. 

We've created an accountability program that's for you if 2017 is your year, and you have no intention of starting small. You have a project, a business, a social impact project, a plan, an idea, or a book that you are determined, called, and driven to move forward in 2017. If you would love to work intensively for 60-days to create a massive impact, we created this program for you. You are ready. Details and Registration Here.