The House The Hivery Built

I believe strongly in the impact of art, color, inspiration, and surroundings, when it comes to creating your most vibrant life, and I am overwhelmingly proud of the beauty we have created in our new Hivery space. However, the real Hivery beauty lies in the women that make up our community...the very women who helped to create it. That beauty is infinitely more powerful than any physical place or any object within. So, in honor of International Women's Day, this blog post is a celebration of the beautiful contributors of our new home.

Our new space represents the vibrancy of a women's movement that we are at the forefront of together. In the spirit of true community, we have created something—and the beauty that resulted comes from the love that was poured in. I have been overwhelmed by the kindness, support, intellect, talent, and creativity that so many women (and men!) contributed to create this place. 

As a token of my deepest gratitude for the members of the community who poured their hearts and talents into our new space, I wanted to do a special thank you to those who gave a little piece of themselves to create something meaningful in this world. I know this list will continue to grow, and my heart will continue to be filled by the unstoppable power of inspired women doing cool stuff (#womendoingcoolstuff).

This is the House the Hivery built.

The House The Hivery Built

Here’s how we did it:

  • Thais Derich, The Hivery’s Community Manager. Dedicates her days to the positive experience of every Hivery member that walks through the door. The Hivery
  • Betsy Ryen, The Hivery’s Events Manager. Plans, creates, and curates the beautiful events and workshops for our community. The Hivery
  • LeAnn Wanninger, Design Producer/Founder Design Renegades. Led the design and construction of our gorgeous, new space, in collaboration with The Hivery's vision
  • Sophia Mavrides, Website Design and Brand/Creative Leader, Hi5 Studio. Built our website, creates photos, video, and branding and continues to add creative beauty in all of our marketing and communication
  • Jenn Nizzi, Community Concierge for The Hivery. Customer service, process, and systems extraordinaire. The Hivery
  • Tara Mohr, Trusted advisor and guest speaker.
  • Mary Gassen, Financial/Business Advisor, Launch. Advises and guides on business financials
  • Jackie Warner, Photographer. Takes stunning shots of our space and our members
  • Dawn Shalhoup. PR Advisor and beautiful wordsmith.
  • Laura Riordan, PhD, and Linda Lesem, Coaches and Creators of The Hivery's 4-Week What’s Next Program.
  • Megan Flatt, Coach and Business Planning Expert. Megan Flatt Consulting.
  • Lucie Charkin, Curator and Leader of our Women Artists Showcase program. A Little Culture. 
  • Julie Carlucci, Built The Hivery's member operations system and member directory. Consultant.
  • Amanda Reeves, Artist. Our first featured artist, and creator of the gift of our conference room murals in The Salon and The Nest. 
  • Monique Johnson, Creative direction and art advice. MoJo Design 
  • Sara Marshall, Floral designer and lead flowers/greens designer in our new space. 
  • Hillary Sloss, Photographer, moving angel, and teacher. The Firefly Institute 
  • Sophie Davies and Jenni Brown, Social Media/Blog Strategists. Helped us launch our blog and social media strategy. Prim'd Marketing. 
  • Elizabeth Micksy, custom letterpress designs for The Hivery. Rivalette Press.

I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from The Hivery community. And yet with connection and kindness being two of our founding, core values, I shouldn’t be surprised. Our magic nest is a place where women do cool things together, and here they certainly have. The creative, smart women of The Hivery have created this gorgeous, collaborative space for women to create meaningful work.

The Hivery will continue to support women in their brave dreams—and our members will continue to build The Hivery. It’s a beautiful, self-nurturing cycle. It is our commitment to continue using our voice to spread the love, support, talent, and energy that women bring to each other and to the world.

We built this.

With great gratitude to The Hivery community,