How to Get Your Creative Confidence Back


By Becca Piastrelli, Hivery Member and Founder of The Dabblist. 

We Are All Creative.

We all have creative blood running through each of our veins: Frida Kahlo, Amanda Palmer, Georgia O’Keefe and you.

When I refer to creativity, I’m talking about the act of transforming a spark of an idea into something real and tangible that has never existed before.

You begin with a thought, a block of clay, a blank document on your laptop, and you infuse your unique expression into it to create something beautiful that is distinctly yours. It was created with your stories, your hands, your emotions, and your dreams all folded into every nook and cranny of its being.

Maybe you just read those last few sentences and thought to yourself, “That sounds lovely, but I’m just not one of those creative types of people.”

Or maybe you’re someone who used to consider yourself to be a creative person, but somewhere along the way you lost it. Life’s too busy with juggling family and work demands to be able to carve out time to be creative.

I firmly believe that denying ourselves the time and space to explore our creativity is denying our own growth and development as human beings.

When we don’t engage our own inherent creative curiosities, our lives can feel dull and uninspiring. Boredom sets in. We develop a resistance that I call Creative Anxiety - where we’ve forgotten how to engage with our inner creative muse and fear that she is lost forever. So we shut down and call ourselves “non-creative types” and get back to watching Netflix and shoving popcorn in our face.

But fear not, my beloved binge watchers. Your creativity is not lost forever. You can get it back fairly easily.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women who believed they could never be creative again and have seen their eyes light up with the wonder and excitement that comes with reconnecting with your creative muse once again.


And once you reconnect with your creative muse, your life finds a new kind of flow that feels much more enlivening. You find the confidence to do the work that truly matters to you. You walk through the world happier and more joyful. And you are more focused and productive throughout your days. I’ve seen it time and time again - creative confidence breathes life back into you.

Below are some methods I prescribe for getting your creative confidence back. Take a gander, try a few, and let us know how it goes!



It can be pretty difficult to connect with your creative muse when you’re running around with a constant to-do list moving through your monkey mind. Resist the urge the fill the little empty spaces between thoughts (and tasks) and allow yourself to pause. Sit without any technology around you. Close your eyes and listen to your breath. Allow the messages to come through to you, whether they are truths you’ve been avoiding, projects that want to be created, or words that want to be written.

Pause and allow.



As Austin Kleon says, “Creativity is Subtraction.” It’s pretty difficult to engage with your creative muse when your space feels cluttered.

Taking a cue from the organizing guru Marie Kondo, I like to take a look at each little item in my space and ask myself,

“does it spark joy?”

 Because if something in your area isn’t making you feel alive and inspired, then it’s probably taking up valuable space (physically and in your mind) that could be used for invigorating and inspiring you.



Take time to intentionally look for beauty and inspiration in your everyday life. This could be the music playing on the radio, the flowers blooming in your neighbor’s yard, the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves of the trees outside your window or the giggle of a baby being pushed on the swing set in the nearby park. When you allow yourself to see the world with new eyes, you’ll find inspiration and beauty wherever you go.

photo by:  Rosa Delgado

photo by: Rosa Delgado




A huge missing piece to our creative and personal development as ambitious women is coming together to create in community. I call this creative sisterhood, and it is nourishing for the mind, body, and soul.

When women come together to create, we are channeling the wisdom of our great great grandmothers by coming back to the table with other women and working with our hands. When we come into a space of creative sisterhood, all the judgemental insecurity melts away and we are left with delight, wonder, and connection.

This could look like getting together once a month to talk about new creative ideas or learn to knit or have a craft play date with your children. When you come together with supportive women, magic happens and so much creativity and transformation is unlocked (ahem, The Hivery!).



photo by:  sophia mavrides

photo by: sophia mavrides

A Creative Joy Journal is like a lab notebook and diary combined, meant for you to jot down ideas when your creative muse strikes. It is a sacred vessel where you can record all your creative curiosities and desire. It is a reminder to take little moments for recording and exploring what you are creating in your life and a place to reflect on how far you’ve come.


Your journal can serve many purposes. It can:

  • Help to empty out your brain and disentangle of all the thoughts flying through it.
  • Take down new information you want to capture like a lesson learned, a quote you read somewhere, or a new recipe.
  • Write down inspiration before it eludes you and you’ve lost it completely.
  • Brainstorm new ideas or work through a problem you want to solve.
  • Preserve moments when you feel happy or smell something amazing.



Finally, I want you to trust yourself. Trust that your creativity will come back to you. Trust that when you engage your hands and your senses, that inspiration and clarity will return and you will find your way.




Becca Piastrelli is the woman behind The Dabblist, a community for creative connection and sisterhood. She believes in the practice of working with your hands to get back to your creative, wise self.  When you honor that primal desire to take raw ingredients and turn them into something beautiful, you experience a greater connection and engagement with yourself and the world around you. For more musings and practical tips on living a creative life, check out In addition to her creative muse, The Dabblist, Becca is also a pro at helping creative business owners grow their tribe and increase their revenue online. For more on her marketing expertise, visit