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Member Spotlight: Rachel Rossitto

Reduced stress. More vibrancy. That healthy glow.
Take a deep breath—it can be yours.


Hivery member and women’s health and wellness coach Rachel Rossitto will lead a simple meditation at the Hivery Wellness Day this Wednesday and send participants home with breathing techniques, wisdom around intuitive eating, hacks to eating healthier during the workday, and favorite beauty foods.

Rachel says, “All of my work revolves around supporting women in coming home to themselves.” Are you ready to go home? Take a look at what inspires Rachel, how the Hivery is a second home, and what’s next for this woman doing cool stuff.


Nurture Your Inner Masculine and Feminine

As a homeschooled child, I felt very deeply connected to myself and the world. I was playing music, exploring yoga and meditation, and made lots of friends. As a teen, I was thrust into a very masculine culture that emphasized ambition, competitiveness, and achievement. Suddenly, in order to fit in I had to hide many of the feminine qualities that had I considered the core of my identity.  

It took me many years to recognize that feminine qualities aren’t weaknesses or liabilities—they are the core of our strength and wisdom. Rose Holistic emerged out of a deep desire to help other women find healthy balance within themselves, nurturing both their inner masculine and feminine, and magnetizing love & purpose into their lives.




Last year, I started a business that I feel reflects my heart and the gifts I want to share in the world. Yet, as I’ve stepped into more responsibility, I’ve started to recognize how easy it is to fall “out of balance.”

This new responsibility asked me to redefine what balance really is. It’s much more of a wave function, alternating between different extremes. Sometimes I have moments where I have to really fire up my masculine and dig in on work, and self-care takes a back seat; other times I’m able to drop in and really nourish every part of my being, and work takes a back seat.

I recently turned 30 and in this next decade, I want to find deeper integration between the different polarities within me: between the masculine and the feminine, the modern woman and the ancient woman, the lover and the warrior.


How the Hivery Helps


There’s something electric about being in a room with a group of women following their dharma. I come to the Hivery because we can accomplish so much more together. This collaborative spirit is one of our best qualities as women, and a quality that the world really needs right now.

It’s not just the charge from being with all these strong women. It’s the connections with these women themselves.

I met Becca Piastrelli on my first day at the Hivery. She’s a badass business woman—and a deeply creative, loving soul. Within a few days of hanging together at the Hivery, we’ve become best friends and collaborators. She has made invaluable contributions to my Rosegold program, helping me strategize, craft the language for the landing page, share the cleanse with her network, and just be an incredible idea generator and cheerleader. Being a solopreneur can be very lonely, and being able to share the highs and lows with someone else who has been on a similar journey is invaluable.

I was blown away by a New Year’s visioning workshop with Megan Flatt. I realized that I could use the support of someone who has lots of business experience to help me plan and execute my broader vision for Rose Holistic. Megan has been my coach and mentor for the last few months, and we’ve been kicking butt!


Dreaming and Doing Cool Stuff


My business is mostly online at the moment with some in private coaching and retreats. Eventually I would love to have a space to host women and create the container for transformative experiences.  

A part of this vision is to explore my inner artist more fully. I want to design sacred jewelry and clothing … and maybe even some health and beauty products!  

In the short term, I would love to develop a program that could reach 1000 women. And on a personal note, I want to sing more, and hope to record my first EP with my fiancé Ben in the next year.

As I move forward, it has become clearer and clearer that the voice that tells you you are a fraud never leaves—in fact, it just screams louder. The author Steven Pressman has a great term for this—the voice of resistance. He says that when you head in the direction of whatever you are most called to do, you meet resistance. It can take so many different forms: the voice that says I’m not good enough, a sense of apathy, self-sabotage . . .  

You just have to take a deep breath, and keep moving forward!




In a threshold ceremony around turning 30, my friend Mari shared this wisdom:

My life is my practice, my practice is my art, my art is my devotion.

I love that.

My life is my practice, and anything that brings me into my body—yoga, dance, singing, nourishing food—replenishes me in that practice. I also enjoy cleansing practices like breathwork, abhyanga, and baths. I can be in the most prickly mood and do an abhyanga (self warm oil massage) and everything is transformed.

I believe we can all bring more ease to our daily lives, our practices, our art, our devotion.

Meet Rachel at The Hivery's Wellness Day this Wednesday, April 27th from 9 am-12 pm. She will be speaking about stress reduction, meditation, and more. 


Connect with Rachel

rose holistic

Rachel is a women's health and wellness coach and founder of Rose Holistic. She supports women in connecting with their feminine wisdom and calling in true love & partnership through private coaching, online programs and retreats. She is also a yoga teacher, birth doula and songstress.

Right now I’m birthing the Rosegold Cleanse, a 28-day online cleanse for ambitious women who feel depleted and are ready for a deep reset. It grew in part out of many years of trying cleanses and recognizing just how hard it can be to make such a big shift on my own. I remember doing a juice cleanse in my 20s, and although I felt much better after, I recognized that I could really use a reset in other parts of my life as well—my morning practice, my relationships, etc.

The Rosegold Cleanse starts May 1st—and Hivery members get a special $50 off discount—code: Hiverygoddess. You can learn more here:


& You’ll find Rachel at the Hivery twice a week, usually Mondays and Tuesdays. Come say hi!

Or connect online: and
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