Announcing "We Rise" Scholarship Semi-Finalists!

We were honored and humbled by all of the incredible submissions we received from women across the Bay Area for our first "We Rise" Scholarship, celebrating women committed to equality. 

We will announce the winner on January 10th at our conscious activism event "Seeing Our Way Through... Together". We'd love to see you at this special event!

While truly every submission touched us, an anonymous panel selected the following eight semi-finalists:

(p.s. We asked each of our semi-finalists to send a reaction photo when they got the news- look at those happy faces!) 

Tara Brooke: Doula Trainings International

Doula Trainings International is an organization committed to social justice and societal change through the training and empowerment of autonomous doulas in the modern age.


Jessica Hollinger: Marin Grassroots Leadership Network

Marin Grassroots Leadership Network’s purpose is to build the capacity of low-income African-American, Latino and Southeast Asian communities to advance public policy that promotes social and economic equity in Marin County in alignment with the Equal Voice framework.

Marti Grimminck : International Connector Global Catalysts

International Connector's global millennial network drives innovation + change for businesses to adapt their thinking for the future, while at the same time, providing skills and opportunities to youth in 190 countries regardless of their background or credentials.

Kathlyn Hart Alford: Be Brave, Get Paid

Be Brave, Get Paid is an organization that focuses on empowering the next generation of female leaders, benefit women’s rights, access, and close the wage gap by teaching negotiation skills, and how to communicate with confidence.

Claire Fitzsimmons: The Storefront Institute

Storefront Institute is a new creative space for life, delivering discussion-based programs on the most urgent subject, by the Bay Area’s best people, accessible to all.

Amy Lipner: ChoiceStarter

Choicestarter is a non-profit that uses direct donor funding to reduce barriers to access abortion throughout the United States. Choicestarter will operation on a crowdfunding platform to directly fund women seeking abortions.

Hayley Leibson: Lady in Tech

The Purpose of Lady in Tech is a blog for women technologists, creatives, and entrepreneurs, dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers, and empowering aspiring girlbosses everywhere.

Cherie Simpson: Help in Hand Connect

Help in Hand Connect is a device that provides women, children, or anyone who finds themselves in a life threatening or vulnerable situation, to feel that help is close by and allow love ones to be connected should such a situation occur.