Collaboration Corner: The Head & Heart Tarot

In this month’s Collaboration Corner, we are highlighting Ariane Trélaün and Johanna Beyer, two business coaches who have launched The Head & Heart Tarot, a modern deck of tarot cards for business and life. Click HERE to learn more about their Indigogo campaign, which ends Nov. 12th and HERE to register for their Hivery Member Spotlight event, scheduled for Nov. 3rd.

Johanna Beyer and Ariane Trélaün with The Head & Heart Tarot. photo by hi5studio

Johanna Beyer and Ariane Trélaün with The Head & Heart Tarot. photo by hi5studio

Tell us a little bit about your backgrounds.
Johanna: I am a fourth generation San Franciscan and feel deep love for the Bay Area! All my life I have been drawn to learning about the inner workings of people and feel alive when I can support someone in a positive way. I took that natural ability and earned my Masters Degree in Organizational Development so that I could learn the fine art of facilitation and process to support teams in business become aligned and empowered. In 2002, I founded my coaching business, On Your Path Consulting with the desire to support high achieving individuals navigate big transitions with their careers.

Each day I pinch myself, because I feel that I am getting to the do the work that I was meant to do. I am forever inspired by the capacities people have to turn their lives in more positive and fortunate directions. When I am not working, you can find me on the dance floor shaking my bootie or hanging out with my two sons, husband and big fluffy cat!

Ariane: I’m a first generation San Franciscan. My parents, my father from France, my mother from Mexico, met at SF State as undergraduates, fell in love and here we are. I grew up in The Castro, went to French school in the City, then public middle school and Lowell High School. I have a degree in Russian Language and literature from SF State.

Through my work I gravitated toward business and numbers, and got my MBA in 2000. After (too many) years working for other people, inside of organizations, I launched my own business, Do Your Thing, in 2014, and have been pretty much over-the-moon happy ever since. On the family side of things, I have a grown son and the best daughter-in-law on earth, a delightful husband, a ridiculous dog, Mr. Burns, a thriving garden, 5 chickens and several colonies of bees.

How did you hear about The Hivery?
Johanna: Back in 2014 I kept hearing about Grace from many different people and one day I reached out. At the same time, Grace had been hearing my name as well, so we were super excited to meet in person! It was love at first site and I started leading workshops and doing individual Tarot/Action Sessions at The Hivery.

Ariane: Since I’m a beekeeper, I seem to always notice anything that’s bee or hive-related, so I noticed the name first, way back when The Hivery was in Sausalito. I did a writing class with Sam Whalen, also as a way to check out the space, but didn’t join until the Mill Valley location.

The Head & Heart Tarot. photo by hi5studio

The Head & Heart Tarot. photo by hi5studio

How were you two initially connected?
Johanna: Thank God for The Hivery because that is how Ariane found me! She was curious to learn the Tarot and I became her teacher! From there, we bonded on so many things personally and professionally. We saw ourselves in each other as we have always loved to blend our woo woo selves with our business selves!

Ariane: Right! I saw in a newsletter that Johanna was offering tarot sessions at The Hivery. I had just bought a bunch of books in an attempt to teach myself the Tarot, and wasn’t faring all that well. You know that thing about, when the student is ready, the teacher appears? That.

How did you come up with the idea to collaborate? Why was it attractive to each of you?
Johanna: Midway through our work together, Ariane shared an idea for a tarot coloring book to help people learn the symbols and meanings of the cards. At the very same time, I had been brainstorming the idea of my own tarot guidebook geared towards coaches and the working professional. It was as if destiny hit us both, for the combination of her idea and my idea were unlike any other product on the market. It was a GO!

Ariane: What Johanna said. It just evolved naturally, as a great way to put our different skills and shared passion for tarot and business and coaching together.

Who else have you collaborated with at The Hivery and why?
Johanna: I feel so grateful to Grace because she has given me unbelievable opportunities to share my work with Hivery members and many of them have become longer-term clients. It also brought me to Sophia Mavrides who did my website and photo shoots!

Ariane: Many people. I too have worked with Sophia, and she’s a client now. I count other Hivery members as clients, and have had so many fruitful conversations and experiences at The Hivery.

What is it about The Hivery that allows such beautiful collaboration?
Johanna: When I walk into The Hivery, I can feel that everyone there is grateful for the beautiful space and incredible women. There is just so much respect and inspiration going around! That prominent energy allows for destiny to happen! When women are open to one another, anything can happen!

Ariane: The space itself is beautiful, and there’s something truly magical about arriving somewhere pretty and clean with no laundry to fold or dogs underfoot (no offense, Burnsy). It’s just a relief really to be surrounded by women pursuing something, whatever their thing is. I love my home office and also it’s such a treat to be caught up in the collective buzz at The Hivery.

For women who haven’t yet found a collaboration partner at The Hivery or elsewhere, what are 2-3 pieces of advice for them?
Johanna: I guess I would say my one piece of advice is to say out loud what you are looking for or needing in a partner. Step two is then stay open to the magic! If a new collaboration wants to come in, it will and you need to be READY! DO NOT LET FEAR TALK YOU OUT OF IT!

Ariane: I feel like as soon as you know what it is you need, or even begin to have an inkling of what or who that might be, start talking about it, to anyone who’ll listen. Eventually everything will line up. And people who are tired of hearing about it, will help you find someone who’s waiting to have that very conversation.

Why is collaborating so important to each of you?
Johanna: OMG…collaboration is everything for me. I have special talents and gifts but I also know what I am not great at! Partnering with Ariane is a dream because she can do many things that are not my strengths and visa versa. And let’s be honest, having accountability makes the chances of an idea becoming real a whole lot more possible!

Ariane: Collaboration is truly alchemy, you know? Johanna brings qualities and experience and insight to our work that I never could, and together we built something so much bigger, better, more magical than we might on our own. It just always amazes me, at the end of every work session we have, to look at what we’ve accomplished. It’s so big, it’s so major and it’s also SO EASY when we work together. I have so much love and gratitude to The Hivery for bringing this gift into my life.

Johanna Beyer and Ariane Trélaün with The Head & Heart Tarot. photo by hi5studio

Johanna Beyer and Ariane Trélaün with The Head & Heart Tarot. photo by hi5studio