How to Create Your Meditation Spot and Morning Practice

Often when I meet with women at The Hivery who are embarking on transformative change, we talk about the simple, yet extremely effective benefits of having a morning practice and creating a thoughtfully curated place for it in your home. Your practice can take different forms (meditating, writing, reading, etc), it doesn't have to take long at all, and goes such a long way in starting the day off in a positive way.

It is from my meditation spot (see pic below) that I've learned about myself, dug deep, found strength, and am reminded of the limitless potential of what we are put on this earth to do.

This is the small space in my bedroom where I meditate, write, light a candle, and spend a few minutes every morning in my own sacred space.  

This is the small space in my bedroom where I meditate, write, light a candle, and spend a few minutes every morning in my own sacred space.  

Creating Your Meditation Spot

You can't live in the Bay Area without hearing the buzz around mindfulness, meditation, and taking time for self-care; but a few years ago, I wasn't clear on how to bring these concepts into my day-to-day life. My first step was to create a small space for myself in a place where I felt calm, safe, and peaceful. Mine is in my bedroom and only takes up a few feet; yours can be anywhere you'd like, and can be a small corner or nook. For me, having a designated space that was just for me, and a zone of calm, created a feeling of comfort and a place to look forward to sitting. 

When I set it up, I was thoughtful about only putting things in my meditation spot that fit into two categories: special and functional.  I added things that were special to me, such as: the crystal heart my Mom gave me, a dish that was a gift from my daughter, a stunning amethyst, prayer beads, the goddess statue of Tara, etc.  And things that were beautifully functional, like: my soft flokati rug to sit on, inspiring books, headphones for listening to Deepak Chopra, a candle (always, always, always), and a lighter for the candle. Everything tidy and in reach means that I can grab my morning coffee and wander to my spot without having to fully wake up. The more lovely your spot is, the more you're going to want to spend time there, and the more likely that it will become part of your daily routine. Take the time to make it beautiful. I don't allow any electronics (no checking email!) near my spot, with the exception of using my phone and headphones to listen to meditations.

Take Your Time

I light a candle, and sit in my little "spot" with my coffee. In this simple gesture, I honor that I deserve the beautiful light, the sweet smell, the early minutes of calm. It’s from this place that I meditate, write, read, and simply "take a moment". 

My morning routine can be as short as ten minutes, but lately has become a little longer, simply because I enjoy it. I do absolutely nothing without my morning coffee (no way!), so I sit down with my cup, listen to Oprah and Deepak's 20-minute meditations (oh, I love those two!), and then write a page or two in my journal. Just a few minutes of writing in my journal everyday has guided massive change and transformation in my life (including the clarity to start The Hivery a few years ago). I let the pen flow with no judgement about what I am writing or why. I refrain from editing my writing, and simply commit to curiously exploring what I want or envision. I credit my journal for revealing the idea for The Hivery that was deep in my subconscious, and for giving me the clarity to execute on it. If you're seeking clarity around your next chapter, I can't recommend daily journaling enough. 

Be Nice to Yourself

Listen, it doesn't always work out. The alarm doesn't go off, a sick kid has crawled in bed with you, you have an early meeting, or you'd rather go for a walk. Go easy. Yes, it's transformative, and yes, the more you do it, the more you love it. But, creating a morning practice that is based in self-kindness is the goal, with the outcome being that you've taken special care to set up your day in a positive way. If you miss a day, a week, or a month, just sit back down and try again. 

I'd love to learn more about your morning practice. Have tips on creating your spot? Or, tools that you love? Chime in below in the comments. xo, Grace