Finding Clarity in Your Next Chapter

Regardless of our age or life stage, we often find ourselves soul-searching in the question of what is next for ourselves? Often big transitions and transformation requires help and tools for finding clarity. Our signature workshop series, called "What's Next" is centered around exactly these issues. We chatted with What's Next facilitators, Laura Riordan and Linda Lesem about tools and techniques for determining your next chapter. 

What is the biggest thing to think about when you’re trying to figure out what’s next?

Laura: I think a lot of us get caught up in the notion that our what’s next has to be a big idea, true purpose, passion or calling. We think, “if I’m going to spend time away from my family, change careers, quit my job, had better be for something big.” This is set up for not taking any action at all and it keeps us stuck.  While we do have the capacity to have a big ideas, most of us have a very difficult time articulating them let alone talking about our purpose or passion. Figuring out what’s next is a process that begins with a curious mind and a brave person taking small actions over and over again. It is literally baby-stepping your way to your big idea.  

Linda: One of the best things to do is to find a group or community that is also trying to find what’s next. The biggest relief is the feeling that you are not alone. It is amazing how liberating it can be to be understood and know that there are others out there struggling with the same issues as you.

What is your recipe for change?

Linda: We start with helping you understand who you are and what makes you tick.

‘What are you good at?” and “what makes you happy?” are good questions to ask.  Next we talk about why you are stuck and help people let go of behaviors and environmental factors that are keeping them stuck. Finally, we support you to cultivate new habits that support the change you are trying to make.

What is like to find your what’s next?

Laura: I think for a lot of people it is like taking a fresh look at something you have been staring at for a long time.  In other words, their what’s next has been right there under their nose.  Once you share your crazy ideas with other supportive people, they don’t seem so crazy anymore.  

Why do you love working with people in transition?

Laura: I love moving stuck people into action.  We help women define their strengths, values, preferences and interests and map out good-fit possibilities for what’s next.  My favorite moment is when we help women define next “baby” action steps, so they have a tangible plan.

Linda: I love that we give women a toolkit for creating more joy in their lives.  This knowledge will serve them for many years to come no matter what they do after What’s Next.

Who can benefit most from the What’s Next course?

What’s Next is for anyone in a transitional place or preparing for their next phase in life. In this workshop, we explore who you are now and what makes you tick which is great foundational knowledge for whatever comes next. Every woman has a deep passion and calling, whether she knows it or not, and our training helps bring this beautiful light and potential to surface. We have worked with over 100 women in many stages of life including newly married or divorced, new mothers, career transitions and empty nesters, and helped them discover their true calling and actions for mapping out their next steps. 

Laura and Linda are teaching a new "What's Next" 5-Week Series that begins, Thursday, April 20th. Details & Register here.