Member Story: A Stylish Collaboration

We love sharing stories of the magic that happens at The Hivery. Read below to learn more about what happened when two Hivery members shared their expertise in collaboration. 

By Hivery Member, Susana Perczek, about her collaboration with Hivery member, Jayne Hillman.  

Jayne and I first met at The Hivery in January of 2017.  We struck up a conversation at the entrance and after discussing our passions and careers, she said, “I've been looking for a stylist like you."  Soon enough, I was in Jayne’s home working with her clothes and her style.

I worked my styling magic and left Jayne with not only a brand new wardrobe but a newfound excitement and empowerment around clothes.  As we were wrapping up, Jayne, an entrepreneur and business coach, told me “Susana, I see more than you can see. I want to help you tap into all this incredible talent and magic …I help women like you expand their businesses to a new level of congruency and success."

I was thinking this is answer to the prayers and intentions I set for 2017.

We began working together immediately, and it’s been a magical, transformative and supportive experience. We've been meeting at The Hivery every week, where the space of the meeting room has had the expansive energy of a rocket, with the safety of a cocoon. With her guidance and my vision, we have made major changes in my business and my style coaching. All the while, Jayne began enjoying her wardrobe and expressing her true style again.

One of Jayne's most impactful suggestions was to rebrand and rename my company. The new name is DARE TO WOW – personal styling and wardrobe coaching. Through our work together, I was able to clarify the real reason I am so passionate about styling: my work is about empowering, inspiring and celebrating. Some do it through writing, painting, or public speaking-- my medium is clothes and style. 

Jayne is helping me work on all aspects of my business from personal growth to reviewing my services, analyzing financials and more. And Jayne just had her closet updated for Spring, making room for not only something new in her closet, but more space to Dare to Wow in her life.

Its’ been such an exciting and impactful journey, and we are both grateful for our timely and fortunate meeting at The Hivery.

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