International Women's Day Recap: What It Means To Be a Courageous Woman

The Hivery's March 8th International Women’s Day: What It Means to Be a Courageous Woman was one of the best events in Hivery her-story! Teaming up with Athleta to bring this amazing evening of The Power of She: United We Thrive to The Hivery community was not only inspiring and exciting, but also incredibly fun! We are still buzzing from the energy of the event and we wanted to share some of the highlights with you below...

Hivery Founder and CEO, Grace Kraaijvanger, opened up the evening with her new definition of courage, inspired by her sister, Maggie, who is battling cancer: “I learned something incredible from Maggie last week. I was talking to her about how brave she is and she told me, 'I’m not brave; I’m just showing up.' I realized that is what it means to be a courageous woman. That is what courageous women do, we show up.”


An excerpt from the evening... 


Gratitude to our inspirational panelists and event collaborators...

The Marin Girls Chorus opened our evening with their inspiring voices.

Susan Goss-Brown, VP, Stores and Store Ops, Athleta, expressed her happiness for her company’s dedication to placing women in positions of leadership: “There were no examples of women, or people in leadership who looked like me in my 30-year career. We must have diverse examples in leadership, otherwise people can’t imagine it for themselves.”

Emma Mayerson, Founding Executive Director, Alliance for Girls, talked about starting her organization in her early 20s and going to meetings with executives much older than she was: “Everyone believed in what I was saying; they believed in me so fully that I started believing in myself. I learned that our courage lives in our community.”

Nikki Silvestri, Founder and CEO, Soil and Shadow commented on the strength and importance of female relationships: “We act as mirrors for other women. When we support each other, we are at our strongest.”

Julie Castro Abrams, Founder & CEO, How Women Lead spoke and laughed about how excited she is about the global movement for women’s rights and her dedication to the cause: “I’m on fire about being a catalyst for women and girls and all bets are off, baby!”

Linda Calhoun, Founder/Executive Producer, Career Girls, explained how her organization helps bust ingrained cultural ideas: “We disrupt stereotypes of the ‘kind’ of work women can do every single day.”

Athleta sponsored our inspirational The Power of She: United We Thrive event series and Le Grand Courtâge poured lovely french sparkling wine to make the evening extra special.

We are honored to have celebrated International Women's Day and National Women's History Month with all of you this year!

In kindness and community,