Hivery Circle: Thriving in Midlife • May 8, 2018


Dear Hivery Community,

Thank you so much for joining us for last night's Hivery Circle! We were so thrilled to welcome to the stage authors Amy Nobile and Trisha Ashworth, co-founders of Ash + Ames, to chat about their new book Just When You’re Comfortable In Your Own Skin, It Starts to Sag: Rewriting the Rules of Midlife, in conversation with our very own Grace Kraaijvanger, The Hivery Founder.

So many of you showed up for this conversation about "midlife" and we feel as though it's a conversation that needs to keep happening! Last night's discussion was honest and vulnerable and real—thank you for participating and making this an unforgettable Hivery evening. Amy and Trisha shared freely about their own experiences, the experiences of the women they interviewed, how we as women can redefine what the word "midlife" means, and how, by creating communities of women, we can change the paradigm of how the world looks at aging.

A few highlights included these insightful comments from Amy and Trisha:

“We are not our mother’s generation. We are not having our mother’s midlife.”

“We change the paradigm by first looking inside.
When your confidence soars, magical things start happening.”

“Our generation is so productive that many of us are achieving success far earlier than our mothers and asking ourselves why we don’t feel fulfilled. The truth is, our mom’s had different definitions of success. So many of us equate success with accomplishments, which don’t necessarily make us happy. What if we thought success was having an amazing laugh with a friend or taking time out for ourselves during the day?”

“We must ask ourselves, ‘What do I want right now?’
And then give ourselves the permission to go for it.”

It was such a pleasure to see you and welcome so many new faces last night. Thank you for showing up, doing the work, and making this such a supportive, authentic community of #womendoingcoolstuff.

With love,


Gratitude to our Event Collaborators:

Wine provided by True Myth
Photography by Kim Thompson Steel
Audio / Visual by MavMedia
Flower arrangements by Sara Marshall Flowers