Hivery Circle: Courageous Women Open Mic • March 12, 2019

This month we celebrated International Women’s Day with an Open Mic of amazing stories and inspiration. Check out the slideshow below….

Bravo and enormous gratitude go out to the incredible group of talented, authentic, and surprising(!) women who bravely opened their hearts on The Hivery stage to share their stories, their fears, their adventures, and their courage. From exquisite descriptions of sacred places, to authenticity, stillness, and self-care, to speaking truth to power, these women showed us real ways to live with courage every day. We wanted to give a special shout out to each of them:

Dr. Sweta Chawla: "It's not materialistic to love beauty."

Michelle Moquin: "It takes courage to be an authentic person."

Cristol Barrett O'Loughlin: "Sixty million mothers on the planet are living with courage every single day."

Cindy Carrandi: "Finding value in stillness."

Allison Schoop: "I'm a butterfly. I need to fly."

Amy Gragnolatti: "I had no formal experience and thought I had nothing to offer, but I took the jump and my life is now richer than I ever thought possible."

Thais Derich: "Get your seat at the table and get in a position to make decisions and support other women who are."

Laura Vidal: "Communicating with each other can reduce some of our fear."

Denise Blondo: "Courage doesn't come in big Oprah moments,
it comes in the small spaces."

Katie Macks: "We are not meant to be alone, we are meant to be in community."

Dr. Sarah Dihmes: "Every person has the right to feel good about themselves.
It's not vanity, it's sanity."

Pamela Weymouth: "I found the courage to follow my gut."

Dr. Vera Amore: "Your angel will protect you. Always trust your soul intuition."

Fiery adventures, hitchhiking with cats, journeys through disease and the path to loving the person in the mirror—these bold, badass sisters shined their lights last night and for that we are forever changed and grateful.

We encourage everyone to follow their example —share your story and use your voice.

With Gratitude to our Event Collaborators:


Photography by Kim Thompson Steel
Audio/Visual by MavMedia
Flowers by Sara Florals