Beautiful Aspirational Space


I love beautiful, aspirational space, not simply for aesthetics, but for the message that it sends to our deepest, internal selves. Space is a metaphor and indication of how we live life. Beautiful spaces create invaluable, subconscious reminders that YOU are light-filled, expansive, filled with possibility, bold, visible, and beautiful in ways that are so much deeper than the surface. You are bright, with unexpected dashes of color. You are in a state of transformation. You are lofty, constantly changing, and filled with texture. 

You have the power to move the furniture around in your soul, and you will encounter chapters when the coffee spills all over the floor. You aren't afraid to change it up, rearrange it, and create beauty in a different way. You're not just "pretty"...that's the exterior, it's lovely, but on its' own kinda' boring, and it's incomplete, not the full story. 

The deeper "space" that you are willing to inhabit is the courage, fearlessness, kindness, humility, and compassion of what it means to be a human.

You're willing to go deeper and deeper into the truth of who you are. And that truth is beauty. Do not be afraid. Embody that deeper beauty. Take up space. Make the world better in that way that only you can. 

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And, while all of that radical, soulful action is going on...take a look around. Drink in the beauty of the physical space, whether it's in nature, in your workspace, in a piece of music, or in a photograph...allow your surroundings to uplift and inspire.

Want to bring a little "Hivery" to your surroundings? Choose one corner of your house, bedroom, flower pot, or table top, and infuse it with beauty. No need to buy anything. Create a clean space, and thoughtfully add elements of light, soul, and life. It's a tray, a flower, a beautiful object, a plant, an inspiring book, a journal. All placed with thought and care, not for how it will look, but how it will FEEL. 

Take up thoughtful, bold, creative space. Be your own beauty-maker. You've got this.


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