Hivery Circle: Life Lessons for Today’s Leaders: How to Create and Lead Values-Driven Organizations with Elisa Camahort Page 9/10/2019

Our September Hivery Circle was an amazing fireside chat between author and BlogHer co-founder Elisa Camahort Page and our own Grace Kraaijvanger. 

The conversation was both entertaining and informational. Elisa spoke about everything from how she helped found the BlogHer media empire and why it’s important to ask men about work-life balance and, “how do you do it all?” — “I guarantee that is something they’ve never been asked,” she laughed. She shared her thoughts on how to choose the right collaboration partner and how to help change the world. 

The latter topic, the focus of Elisa’s recent book Road Map for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All, was particularly interesting, and she shared several nuggets of wisdom on how to make the change we seek in the world. Among them: 

I’m upset with 25 different issues out there right now, but I can’t be a leader on all 25, so I try to triage my top one to three issues. It is on those topics that I try to be a leader. By choosing your top issues, together we can move forward. Ask yourself: where would you like to be a leader and where would you like to be a supporter?

On the topic of finding the right collaboration partner, Elisa (someone who knows a ton about this, having founded BlogHer with two other people) gave three solid pieces of advice: 

First, make sure you have complementary skills. Second, you can do things differently, but your level of work ethic needs to be the same. And third, make sure you can have tough conversations with each other. Things work best when you can depersonalize conversations about what isn’t working without getting mired in each other’s personalities.

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