Guest Blog: The Second Shift

We love featuring companies and founders with values that are aligned with The Hivery’s. We’re so excited to share our recent conversation with Jenny Galluzzo, Co-Founder of The Second Shift.

First, a little bit about the company. The Second Shift is a on a mission to change the workplace for women and help companies thrive along the way. They empower women through work by connecting their vetted Second Shift members with opportunities at companies who value their expertise. The Second Shift helps companies access top-tier experts and redefine and reshape the future of diversity in the workplace all at once! 

Executive-level, gender diverse companies are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability (McKinsey, Delivering Through Diversity, Jan 2018). However, as employees move through the ranks, from up to SVP roles, the share of women decreases by 15% (, Women in the Workplace, Jan 2018). 

Hi Jenny! We are so excited to share The Second Shift with The Hivery Community. Tell us a little bit about The Second Shift and what inspired you to start this business.

Gina and I met through a different business we were both involved in and we became friendly. We were at very different life stages but had the same desires professionally—to continue working but we were at a crossroads trying to figure out our next steps. At the time, before The Second Shift, there were few pathways to find high-level part-time and project based work outside of your own networks. We realized there was a tribe of women like us, we found the market need and the technology to address it. We built a platform to solve our own needs! 

We believe SO MUCH in what you do...our missions are truly aligned, but we’d love to hear your specific thoughts on why you decided to focus on women? Tell us more about your commitment to helping women re-enter and thrive in the workforce.

The Second Shift is focused on women because there is such a massive disconnect between women entering the workforce and their representation at senior levels in leadership positions. Our goal is to help women remain engaged professionally at the various stages of the work/family life-cycle so they can rise up into power and make the systemic changes that will structurally change the way the workforce deals with women. Without our voices at the top there will never be real change. 

** To be clear-- we are not a re-engagement platform. You cannot have taken more than 2 years out of the workforce and be an active member of our community. We work with other organizations to get women back to work and then bring them onto our platform. 

What makes Second Shift unique as a way to find work or find qualified people? 

Our Second Shift community is unparalleled in skill, experience, and ability. We represent the leaders of today and tomorrow and an applicant pool unavailable in other talent marketplaces. Companies come to us because they are opting in to hiring this type of talent. We are all very clear on the value proposition that is The Second Shift!

What kinds of work or ways of working are people finding through Second Shift?

When we started out we were focused on project based work but as we have grown our business has also shifted to reflect the professional needs of our member community. We now fill full-time roles (in NY only at the moment) and we do a lot of long-term engagements. Many of the jobs are remote—we really try to have something for everyone! 

How are the businesses you’re working with (those who post job or project opportunities) responding to this new model of finding qualified applicants? 

When we first started in 2015 we had to explain to businesses what the gig economy was and why having a more gender diverse senior leadership team was valuable. We no longer have to have those conversations—the social and political climate changed dramatically in the last few years and it’s been wind in our sails. We are thrilled to see the corporate world coming to us and the demand is insane! 

At The Hivery, we believe in the power of women supporting women. We have seen incredible collaborations and businesses spring from The Hivery ecosystem. Can you tell us more about your collaboration. How did you two meet? What has it been like partnering to grow your business together? 

Gina and I are both natural risk takers and decided to just try it out and see if it worked and how we liked partnering. Because we have a two-sided marketplace the roles and responsibilities have naturally fallen down the line where I work with brand and messaging and community and Gina works with our business clients. I could not do what she does…I am in awe of her! So we bring very different skill sets and interests, but the same ultimate goal for our mission and the same sensibility in how we build and grow our business. 


What advice would you give women who are looking to make a career transition, re-enter, or change the way they work? 

The most important advice for anyone looking for a job—whether you are in transition or re-entering—is to harness the power of your own networks. Call on all the people who can help you and have your back and ask for favors and advice. Also, make sure you are up-to-date on all the latest changes and technology in your field. You need to know Slack and Zoom etc…if you don’t feel your sharpest in new technology, sign up for General Assembly or Flatiron School and take a refresher course. Update your LinkedIn and resume and make sure it tells a compelling story about you and your experience.

We’d love to learn more about how to join Second Shift! How would you describe your typical member?  

Our members are experts with an average of 10 years experience in their chosen field. Again, you cannot have taken more than 2 years max out of the workforce. We are focused on corporate and creative service jobs ie: broadly defined marketing and finance, HR and legal fields. Many of our members are current consultants looking for new leads and a strong community. Others are women considering their next step and testing out the market to see what’s out there. To join us, you apply through our site and we have a 4-step vetting process that includes checking references, a deep dive into your professional background to make sure you fit the demand from employers, and a personal welcome call/interview. It’s important to us to create an eco-system where women can support each other and work with each other because there is strength and power in numbers and we are all about inspiring women to work together toward our mission of gender equity in the workforce!

Interested in becoming a Second Shift member? Get all the details here.

A bit more about the Founders of Second Shift                      


As co-founder of The Second Shift, Jenny Galluzzo lives her life committed to the empowerment of women through work. She is fiercely dedicated to shifting the path forward for women, encouraging them to forge their own career paths with confidence, intention and optimism. Jenny is responsible for the member community and all things brand, overseeing messaging, communications, and content channels. She curates events across the country to bring members and business partners together, and with her team, is in close contact with members during the multi-step application process. Beyond connecting women with jobs, Jenny is also in regular contact with members, advising about career transitions, gender equity in the workforce, and becoming an agent for change.

Prior to starting The Second Shift, Jenny spent many years in journalism, researching, writing, hosting and producing for Good Morning America, News 12 and Plum TV. Jenny holds a BA from Duke University and an MS from the Columbia University School of Journalism. She lives in New York City with her two young sons. 


Gina Hadley does not like the status quo--if something doesn't work, fix it. As co-founder of The Second Shift, making change is her daily mission. Gina is in charge of new business at The Second Shift and she focuses on helping move clients from talk to action. She works in close partnership with companies to design working cultures that support and retain women. By demonstrating how even small changes ripple into big impact, Gina helps businesses of all sizes shift their workplaces forward into more flexible, nimble working structures. Together they create solutions that best support their business needs and identify opportunities to incorporate on-demand expertise into their human resources strategies. She also speaks regularly at industry conferences as a leading expert on the future of work, gender equity as good business, and flexibility as a talent pipeline solution. 

Prior to founding The Second Shift, Gina was Worldwide Creative Coordinator at Ogilvy & Mather on the IBM business, and later pursued an entrepreneurial path as a founder of and Urban Monkeys in Seattle. She lives in New York City with her husband and teenage daughter and son. Gina holds a B.A. from Connecticut College and a MFA from New York University.