Community Rules

By entering The Hivery, you are agreeing to our Community Rules:



Our commitment is simple: we are kind to one another. We open our doors and ourselves to the possibility of new people, new experiences and the excitement of what is coming next. We don’t foster or welcome negativity or cliquish behavior. We wholeheartedly believe in inclusivity, and everyone is welcome to join our space, events, and community. Our core values are: Kindness, Creativity, Community.



The Hivery is a shared community space. We do our very best to create and maintain a beautiful and clean space for members to feel at home and to prosper. Please respect all of our spaces, including the main coworking space, bathrooms, kitchen, and conference rooms, as if they were in your own home.

OFFICE & TECH SUPPLIES: The Hivery has office supplies for you to use in the cabinets under the printers and in the jars above the printers. Select tech supplies, including noise cancellation headphones, spare chargers, and other items are available for your use. Please return all borrowed items after each use. If you need to borrow a HDMI adapter for a conference room meeting, please see the front desk to check one out.

COFFEE & TEA:Please help yourself to the coffee and tea in the kitchen. We also have different types of milk in the refrigerator that you are welcome to use. Kindly put your cup in the dishwasher when you're done.

 SNACKS & LUNCHES:We sometimes put out little snacks for your enjoyment. If food is presented in the kitchen, it’s there for you to nibble. You’re welcome to use the fridge to store your lunch or snacks. Labeling your containers and food with your name is recommended. Please take home any leftovers at the end of the week as the refrigerator is emptied on Fridays. Kindly put your plates, bowls, and other items in the dishwasher when you're done. Please collect any personal items from the dishwasher before leaving the space to ensure that it gets back to you!

 PHONE CALLS:Do you have a quick call to say “Home around 6” or “Our meeting was rescheduled” ? No problem! Take the call at your desk. If a quick check-in turns into a longer call, please do step out of the main workspace. A longer call or conference call? Find a meeting room, nook in the atrium, spot on the deck, or in the Creative Studio (if available, and keep in mind this is a shared space). Please no long, private, negative, or boisterous calls in the main space.

 PERSONAL ITEMS: Please make yourself at home — hang up your coat and settle in at your workspace! At the end of the day, please take home your personal items so that fellow members can also make themselves at home. If you leave any items at The Hivery, the front desk team will move them to our lost and found. Please ask the front desk team for help finding your item in the lost and found.

 MAILING ADDRESS:We unfortunately cannot accept any mail or packages for members, so please do not list The Hivery address as your mailing address. In Mill Valley, mailboxes are available for rental at All Wrapped Up, located downstairs at 38 Miller Avenue in Mill Valley.



Talking with other members in “cafe voices” in the main space is totally okay, and we ask that you are respectful of the members working quietly around you. This isn’t a library, so don’t feel like it needs to be silent. Whispering can feel tense, and we want you to feel relaxed. The in-person energy is what you came for! If you need silence for focused work, please utilize our headphones.



We find that music adds to the ambience and creative energy of the space. We try to find a variety of music that appeals to our community and is consistent with our vibe. If you have suggestions, let us know!



Members have a daily conference room limit of 2 hours. The Hivery is a space of mutual respect for all members, so we ask members to be considerate of our shared space, and kindly only use the time you need. Bookings may be placed in different rooms as long as the total amount of reservation time is limited to two hours per day. Please refer to your Plan and Benefits online to review your membership plan’s included conference room hours.

Coworking memberships come with meeting room credit. If your conference room use exceeds these hours, then a room rental fee of $35/hour (The Nest + The Salon) or $45/hour (The Focus Lounge + The inspiration Lounge) will be charged to your account. Please cancel your booking if you no longer need the room so that other members can have access to the booking calendar and your conference room time is not affected. You can manage this and any other of your bookings from The Room Bookings Calendar.



In general, be aware of others in the space, and use your best judgement when it comes to sound! Note that our conference rooms add a layer of privacy for group meetings, yet they are not sound-proof. If you need help with a sound issue, come see us at the front desk and we’ll be happy to help.