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Start Where You Are: Fundamentals of Getting Your Business off the Ground

Establish your business with confidence.

With Mary Gassen

This workshop will walk you through everything your need to know to get your business set up right from the start.

This workshop is perfect for someone who has started a business, but needs to know what they need to do to get it fully established legally and operationally. They may have some of the business set up, but are ready to get it fully established, buttoned up, and feel empowered to take it to the next level. Mary Gassen covers some of the basics like entity formation, business licenses, business financials, resources, and more. 

What To Expect: Small business and finance expert Mary Gassen, leads you through a comprehensive overview of the steps necessary to launch your business, and is perfect for new business owners who want to start their businesses off right from the start. Mary Gassen brings her extensive business startup experience to you in a comprehensive, easy to understand format. This workshop covers the gamut of business creation, legal, finances, logistics, and process to give you the peace of mind that you are setting up your business correctly. The workshop includes valuable checklists and resources for the myriad of tasks associated with creating a new business.

Mary Gassen is a systems & finance expert that gives food people a better understanding of their operations and finances, helping them to grow and become more profitable. After running my own successful bakery for over 20 years, I’ve been called a “secret weapon,” acting as a support and an advisor while navigating the business side of life.