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Inspired Writing 101—How Writing Can Help You Realize Your Big Vision!

Do you know for certain that you’ve always had an interest in or love of writing but you just can’t seem to find time or motivation to do it? Do you have a burning desire to create something that matters to, touches, or inspires someone else but you haven’t done it because you’re unclear, unsure, or you think that what you have to offer isn’t good enough or doesn’t matter? 

If this is you, then you are a Big Vision Writer. And it’s time to create what you came here to create. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never published a word.The truth is everyone has a big vision living inside them. Not everyone hears or heeds its call. If you are someone who knows deep down in her bones that there is something amazing dying to come out and be shared with the world, then it’s time to pick up your pen. 

If you’re sick and tired of waiting, wondering, hesitating, and holding back, and long to come home to yourself and express what wants to be expressed, then it’s time to stop struggling to write and let your self be written. 

When you do, anything you can imagine becomes possible. Your big vision becomes real!

The reality is most people ignore that voice inside that says, “I am meant to do this…” Not only do they shut that voice down, they shut down their very aliveness, vibrancy, and possibility and they remain small, discontent, and incomplete. 

In this 2-hour writing workshop you will learn how to use writing to access your big vision, your muse, and your message so you can:

-Write anything, say anything, share anything and be completely at home being you!

-Claim your gifts, your value, be clear about what you have to offer and know it matters!

-Attract the right clients, partners, opportunities, and income by expressing your truth!

-Discover, commit to, and create the hidden book that’s living inside you!

Writing is a powerful tool of creation. It is the starting point of bringing any vision into form and it is a practice that can extend well beyond the page and write you into the life your heart longs for. 

Workshop Facilitator: Samantha Wallen, MFA is a poet, author, expert writing enthusiast, and the Founder/Creator of Write In Power, a business offering programs and mentoring using writing as a transformative and spiritual practice. She utilizes her mindfulness training and teaching experience from Naropa University in Boulder, CO to help visionary women use writing to wake up to their inner potential and access and express their creative power. She understands how hard it can be to write your vision into reality, and she is on a mission to provide you with the permission, structure, and support you need to fully belong to, trust and express yourself so you can claim your powerful gifts, expand your reach, and make the difference you are here to make. She currently lives in Mill Valley, CA with her spouse and two daughters, and she regularly walks among thousand year-old redwood trees to keep things in perspective.

Participate as much or as little as you would like (you are not required to commit to multiple months; just come when you can). Reserve your space here.

Wednesday, November 17st 2015 from 10 am- 12 pm.