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Your 2017 Business Strategy: Plan, Prioritize, Progress

You need a plan for 2017 and a strategy to get there.

Your 2017 Business Strategy is a hands on workshop to take you through all the steps to get your new year plan in place for moving your business or creative project forward.

We’ll take the time to review 2016, celebrate what worked and get clear on what didn’t. We’ll set goals for 2017 based on your values and your bigger priorities, not just in business but in your whole life too. We’ll look at all your ideas (because I am sure you have a million great ones) and ruthlessly plan, so you are doing the right things at the right time.

This workshop will help you move forward with a strategic progress in exactly the right direction. This workshop is for anyone who has a wants to make big strides in 2017, running your business, writing your book or leading that next big idea; Your 2017 Planning Session will help you get there.

Your 2017 Business Strategy: Plan, Prioritize, Progress
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Megan Flatt is a business consultant and time management strategist for mom entrepreneurs who are building their dream businesses while remaining present in the day-to-day lives of their kids. She is in constant pursuit of the perfect to-do list and the perfect vanilla latte.

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