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Entrepreneur's Circle: The Mental Game of Pricing

The Mental Game of Pricing

Pricing brings up issues, uncomfortable issues, like no other single thing in our businesses. That discomfort tends to make us doubt, hedge, play small -- in short, under-charge for the value that we're putting out into the world. Even before we get to the math, there's a whole Mental Game of Pricing we need to tackle. Join Ariane Trelaun at June's Entrepreneur's Circle for 5 tips on how to excel at that mental pricing game.  What you're selling is GOLD. Get paid for it.


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Ariane Trelaun is the founder and CEO of Do Your Thing, which provides numbers-based coaching to entrepreneurs ready to next-level their businesses. She specializes in training small business owners, especially coaches and creatives, to read and understand their financials, so they can use them to drive to greater success. Through her 1:1 coaching offering, Pricing Ninja, she helps business owners re-engineer their business models and prices to line up the value of their offerings with the price to the customer. And make more money. Ariane also co-hosts, with Rachel Rodgers, the weekly podcast, Your Business Is Your Life.