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What's Next? A 4-Week Workshop

Spring Series: 3/17, 3/24, 3/31, & 4/7.  9:30 am - 12 pm

Taught and Led by: Linda Lesem, M.S., and Laura Riordan, Ph.D. 

Are you ready to cultivate what’s next for yourself? The Hivery is here to help you do that.

If you feel like you’re taking care of everyone but you, like you’re on someone else’s path, creatively stifled, or simply unsure of what to do next, you are not alone. The Hivery's What's Next Program is here for you. 

The quest and exploration of identifying possibilities for what's next for you can move from daunting to exciting when done in a group of other supportive women who are all discovering their next, best step.

The Hivery offers this dynamic and inspiring 4-week workshop that is a blend of tangible action mapping, idea generation, tools, strength assessments and coaching, as well as supportive encouragement, among like-minded female peers, all in the beautiful environment of The Hivery.


Who Am I?  We begin with introduction, intentions, idea-generation and a self assessment exploration including the Myers Bridggs (A Personality Inventory), the Strong-Campbell (An Interest Inventory), as well as other creative exercises which will help you to identify your personal operating system.  These include an inventory of what works and what no longer serves you.

Inventory and Map Possibilities.  Based on who you are, your interests and ideas, we identify possible paths for exploration.  In this stage we create actions and accountability around "trying things on."  Your Hivery group will be there to help you investigate, network and find out if new action paths are a match with who you are and what you want to do.  

Implement Actions and Reconvene for Support and Success.  The last two sessions of the What's Next program are centered around action, accountability and support.  Your expert coaches advise in the ups and downs and help you to keep your vision alive and moving forward with tangible action.  This lesson includes a lunch discussion.  9:30-1 pm.

Whether you want to go back to work, back to school, start a business, or volunteer in a personally meaningful way, the "What's Next? program is a workshop series that will help you to identify possibilities that match who you are, and what motivates and excites you.  All while being part of a supportive group of like-minded women that encourage ideas, next steps and action.




Linda Lesem, M.S. is a trained therapist, career counselor and life coach, specializing in Positive Psychology, (the Science of Happiness). She works individually with clients in her own practice, and also facilitates groups for clients (mostly moms), who are yearning to create positive change in their lives! Linda created Moms In Transition, a workshop for Moms who are ready to take their next step, and are asking themselves…"What is next for me?". This is a great way for a small group of women to be together, as they "get back in touch with who they are", and "what they want" and then start the process of creating a plan for themselves, whether that be re-entering the paid working world, going back to school or volunteering in personally meaningful ways.

Laura Riordan, Ph.D. is a holistic life coach who helps her clients find balance and meaningful success. With a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and 20 years in the mind and body wellness industry, she brings wisdom, clarity and swiftness to her coaching practice. Laura began her career as the head of client services for retreat style resorts and spas, helping people center and refocus themselves while escaping the daily challenges of modern life. While overseeing spa programs and working as a massage therapist, she discovered that retreats were great at providing short-term relief, but they could not offer the kind of long-standing change that so many people needed.

Laura’s coaching practice evolved from the understanding that people need a guide to help identify their meaningful work, ground aha moments and give accountability and infrastructure to make lasting changes. Laura leverages her Ph.D. to help her clients find bigger versions of themselves and her strategic and practical skills to create a road map to get there.