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Wellness Day at The Hivery

Please join us for a morning  to nourish, replenish, and rebuild your beautiful self through wellness education, expert resources, guided meditation, healthy food and beauty tips. 


Featuring Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Josefa Rangel - Integrative Medicine professional, Innate Medicine
  • Eris Cushner - Founder of Eat Clean Marin and Abir Hamza-Goodacre, Nutritional Therapist
  • Rachel Rossitto  - Holistic health & wellness coach and founder of Rose Holistic.
  • Juice Girl- Snacks, juice, and nutrition advice.
  • EO Products- Local, all natural beauty and self-care products. 


This workshop includes:

  • Dr. Josefa Rangel discussing her approach to integrating conventional medicine knowledge with health-promoting lifestyle changes of optimal nutrition, exercise, stress management, healthy relationships, and connection. 
  • Eat Clean Marin on Three Reasons to Detox: Mood, Hormonal balance, and Skin health. The liver is the most important organ of detoxification. It hosts many processes that enable the body to break down and process toxins and hormones. Learn how and why to support your liver and its' impact on your health. 

  • Rose Holistic leading a simple, sweet guided meditation with take home breathing techniques for reducing stress and enhancing vibrancy + “glow”. Rachel will also share wisdom around intuitive eating / eating for your body type , hacks to eating healthier during the workday / meal prep for the week, and favorite beauty foods.
  • Snacks and treats by local heroines, Juice Girl
  • Samples, mini treatments, and essential oil love by EO Products
  • Informative content around nutrition and wellness 
  • Q and A with each of our wellness experts


More on our talented speakers:

Dr. Josefa Rangel:  

Dr. Rangel is a board-certified internist and fellowship-trained integrative medicine specialist, and founder of Innate Medicine in Mill Valley. She received her MD from Stanford Medical School; completed her residency in Internal Medicine at UCSF. Enjoying disease prevention over treatment she began her career at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

While initially planning to become a 'disease detective', Dr. Rangel realized her true calling was to promote optimal health and healing. She completed a fellowship in integrative medicine at University of Arizona under the direction of Dr. Andrew Weil and has practiced integrative medicine for the last 8 years.

Eris Cushner of Eat Clean Marin and Abir Hamza-Goodacre, Nutritional Therapist, BSc, MSc, mBANT, CNHC Registered

Eris Cushner, is a nutrition consultant and founder of Eat Clean Marin. Abir Hamza-Goodacre is a fully qualified UK registered Nutritional Therapist and a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  Abir and Eris have partnered to offer their local community a new series of nutrition-based cooking classes that demonstrate how nutrient-dense food can be both delicious and protect the body naturally. They also run lectures and workshops on various aspects of health including Sports nutrition, Women’s health, Adrenal fatigue and Detoxification.  


Rachel Rossitto

Rachel Rossitto is a women's holistic health & wellness coach and founder of Rose Holistic. 
She supports women in connecting with their feminine wisdom and calling in true love & partnership through private coaching, online programs and retreats. Rachel serves women all around the world through her 1-on-1 practice as well as her two online programs ROSEGOLD and MAGNETIC – focused on nourishing & empowering the feminine soul from the inside out. She is a yoga teacher, birth doula and songstress, and lives in the redwoods in Mill Valley with her fiancé. 

Juice Girl

Creating fresh, local, delicious and nutritious food for all. Based in Mill Valley, juices, smoothies, clean food, cleanse programs, treats, snacks, and prepared meals. Real food, made with love. 

EO Products

Makers of EO & Everyone. Real products made from real plants for real people. We value transparency, responsibility and real scents. A Marin-based business and a downtown Mill Valley neighbor! 

Karin Jordan is a qualified Aromatherapist trained in the UK.  She completed a one year training with the International Federation of Aromatherapy(I.F.A) in Stratford Upon Avon, UK, in 1997.  Soon after Karin opened her own six week healing program in Cheltenham, UK, incorporating both the healing and medicinal properties of pure, single note, organic essential oils through the healing touch of massage.  During this time she further trained in medicinal, herbal medicine at Cheltenham College.  Upon returning to the USA in 2002 she continued her practice of healing with massage, spending two years volunteering at Marin General Hospital and working for The Institute of Health & Healing in Greenbrae, treating cancer patents through the gift of touch.  Today Karin continues her love and appreciation of essential oils and medicinal herbs working as the Retail Store Manager of The EO (EO stands for essential oils) flagship store in Mill Valley.

EO Products Founders
Essential Oils and creative collaboration are how our story begins, and how our company is defined.  The culture of EO Products is the essence of creative collaboration, the collective work of like-minded people working towards a common goal.  Our co-founders and co-CEO's, Susan Griffin-Black and Brad Black are the core of our collaborative spirit.
In 1995, Brad and Susan were asked to create five essential oil blends for Bloomingdale's holiday gift guide.  In a garage on Potrero Hill in San Francisco, Susan and Brad began the creative process that would evolve over the next twenty years into hundreds of products researched, developed, manufactured and shipped from our
40,000 square-foot facility in Marin County, California, to millions of happy people across the world.