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The Book in You: How to Write the Book that Wants to be Written

You want to write a book. You know you have a powerful story and message to share and you want it to touch, inspire, transform and uplift others. But something is in your way. Some kind of darkness has settled in and obscured your brilliance. You wonder, “Who am I to do this?”

The idea of “how it should be” has taken over and you’ve lost touch with your own language. You’ve entered the sweet darkness of longing to write a book and not knowing how to actually do it and remain true to your heart and vision.

The truth is, if you want to write a book, you can write a book. The key is letting go of the book you think you should write and allowing the book that wants to be written.

In this workshop you’ll learn the “first step” for how to access the book that wants to be written as well as what you need to keep with it, stay in flow, and actually get the book done so you can:

  • Feel the excitement that comes from actually writing your book and not simply thinking or talking about it.
  • Create more visibility for yourself (even though it might be scary).
  • Deepen your understanding of who you are and what you're about through writing.
  • Experience the power that comes with being a Creator and making yourself and your passion project a priority.
  • Learn to express what you really want to convey.
  • Release the inner critic that tells you your story is not worth telling.
  • Discover ideas you have that just might make you more money.

When you allow what wants to be written, you have more freedom to really trust your own natural process, message, story, and structure. You write a “Book of Truth” rather than what you think will sell.

We crave, connect to, and resonate with the truth. And we know it when we find it. This is how your book can be a means for standing more fully in your truth and attracting the ideal clients, opportunities, and ideas that resonate with who you really are.

The Book In You 11/9/16
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About Sam:

Samantha Wallen, MFA is the Founder/Owner of Write In Power, a business offering transformational writing programs designed to help you write your book and expand your life and business through writing ( She is an author, poet, writing coach and mentor known for her spiritual and transformative approach to writing. She utilizes her mindfulness training and teaching experience from Naropa University in Boulder, CO to help visionary women (and men) use writing to wake up to their brilliance and access and express their creative power and potential. Her forthcoming memoir, When the House Fails, will be released in Fall of 2016. She currently lives in Mill Valley, CA with her spouse and two daughters.

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