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Authentic Writing-Reveal the powerful, real and brilliant YOU in your own language!

You have something to express, create, or write for your business—it could be a blog, a talk, a book, marketing campaign, program content, or website copy—but you feel stuck, restrained, withheld and you just don’t know how to express what you really want to.

If you are someone who wants to have the brilliant, heart-centered, true and real you show up and simply flow out in everything you do, both on and off the page, and you find yourself stuck, unsure, constrained or withheld even when you know there’s something powerful waiting to burst out, then this workshop is for you.

You’ll learn a simple method to get you writing in a way that allows the YOU that wants to be expressed so you can:

  • Feel the excitement that comes from actually writing and not simply thinking or talking about it.
  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and who you are through writing.
  • Become more visible to yourself and others (even though it might be scary).
  • Experience the power that comes from making yourself and your passion or vision a priority.
  • Learn to express what you want to without talking in circles.
  • Access clarity and let go of confusion.
  • Quiet the inner critic that says you have nothing important to say.
  • Discover ideas that just might make you more money.

The truth is your creative brilliance and unique voice is always ready and waiting to pour out and touch the minds and hearts of everyone and everything around you, if you allow it. And it is the real you that people are looking for and attracted to.

Any writing project or desire to write holds within it the opportunity to get clear, know yourself more deeply, draw more clients, money, and opportunities into your life, and express the powerful, real, and brilliant YOU in your own language! I’ll share with you how you can use writing to reveal your truth on and off the page to expand your life and business.

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Samantha Wallen, MFA is the Founder/Owner of Write In Power, a business offering transformational writing programs designed to help you write your book and expand your life and business through writing ( She is an author, poet, writing coach and mentor known for her spiritual and transformative approach to writing. She utilizes her mindfulness training and teaching experience from Naropa University in Boulder, CO to help visionary women (and men) use writing to wake up to their brilliance and access and express their creative power and potential. Her forthcoming memoir, When the House Fails, will be released in Fall of 2016. She currently lives in Mill Valley, CA with her spouse and two daughters.