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Managing Screen Time Before Summer Hits

Tech Talk: Get the Intruder of the Screen out of Your House and Make Screen Time Count!

Why Come:  During this TechTalk, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with other parents in how they manage screen time for their kids and access to content.  Some best practices are sure to surface from this lively dialogue.

What You’ll Learn: Julie will review ios device restrictions, privacy settings and will walk through how to use Circle by Disney to set time restrictions, apply age-appropriate filters to content, and turn off the Internet all from your ios device.  Spouses and partners beware--you can get cut off too!

Linsly Donnolly, of SmartFeed, will show you how to use SmartFeed to create a media library for your children that is not only age-appropriate, but that also sources content according to your family values, your child’s interests, and academic focus.

What You’ll Walk Away With:  After this Let’s Talk Tech session, you will be more familiar with the tools for managing screen time and confident that you can implement a better home management system.  You can also check the box that your restrictions and privacy settings have been appropriately enabled.  

With SmartFeed, you will know how to make screen time matter and navigating the world of digital media should be much easier with more control over what your kids watch, play and share.

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Julie Paul brings her business process and consulting background to understanding the problem that women face when it comes to technology and the overwhelming nature of “running the family business” in the modern age.  Through Heard it From A Friend, she aspires to help feel women feel more empowered by encouraging them to socialize technology and work their way toward mastery by focusing on common problems with collaborative solutions.

Linsly Donnelly has more than twenty years of experience building business success stories in consumer products, technology, travel and leisure and media companies.
An avid entrepreneur, Linsly’s founded or led start up businesses in retail, ecommerce, digital media and personal care industries, including SmartFeed.

Outside of work, Linsly enjoys writing (Happy Go Local, The Smart Mom’s Contact Information Guide to Living the Local and Sustainable Life, Adams Media; 2010), scuba diving, teaching yoga and adventures with her husband and their three children. A transplant from her beloved Texas, Linsly splits time near the water (San Francisco Bay Area, CA) and in the mountains (Park City, UT).