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Nourishing Meals for Busy People

Consuming nutrient dense, properly prepared whole foods is a key element in creating the energy and vitality we need to truly thrive. For the busy exec, entrepreneur, artist or CEO of a bustling household, however, preparing healthy meals can fee like a drain on our time, creativity, and budget. 

If you are in a mealtime rut, eating out and relying on prepared foods more than you'd like or are concerned that you or your family isn't getting the nutrition necessary to thrive, this workshop is for you. 

You will learn valuable tips, tools and resources for creating nutrient dense, family-friendly weeknight meals. I will teach you how to get organized, shop, prep and cook your meals to minimize the stress of the mealtime scramble and reduce your reliance on processed and package foods and carryout meals.

We will cover topics such as :

  • Nutrition 101- Food as the foundation to optimal health, appropriate macronutrient ratios and the importance of nutrient dense, properly prepared whole foods. 
  • Decoding Labels: What does it mean and why does it matter? Natural, Free Range, Cage Free, Pasture Raised, Grass Fed, Organic, Non-GMO Verified
  • Detoxifying and organizing your kitchen to cook more healthfully and efficiently 
  • Weekly meal planning- you don't run your business without a plan, your meals should be no different
  • Time saving strategies such as batch cooking, one ingredient- to meals, and freezer meals
  • Time saving cooking and clean up methods using sheet pan, slow cooker, one pot and electric pressure cooker meals
  • My go-to resources for pantry staples, meats, and already prepared meals (we all have those nights) 
  • My favorite recipes, cook books, food blogs and meal planning resources- you will leave with a handout to get you started
Nourishing Meals for Busy People
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About Carol McDonnell:

For more than a decade, Carol has been dedicated to the advancement of causes that foster environmental sustainability and personal health. Carol's interest in the intersection of food, toxins, personal and planetary health was initially sparked when both her parents were diagnosed with cancer in the span of twelve months. 

Carol delved further into her understanding of the health impacts of nutrition and environmental exposures after her first child developed a host of digestive, skin, sensory and behavioral issues at just two years old. Two years, two pediatricians and several specialists later, Carol found a medical doctor who specialized in nutritional healing. Within six weeks of implementing his recommended dietary and nutritional supplementation protocol, all of her son's symptoms resolved. Carol fully embraced the notion of food as medicine and began incoportaing nutrient dense, properly prepared traditional foods such as bone broth, fermented vegetables and cultured dairy into her family's meals. 

In 2015, despite her healthy lifestyle, Carol experienced a debilitating flare up of an autoimmune thyroid condition she had been managing for many years with prescription medication. Determined to heal and inspired by the success stories of individuals who'd used a combination of nutrition and lifestyle changes to put their autoimmune conditions into remission, Carol enrolled in a program to become a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA). NTA provided the unique approach of combining the food wisdom of traditional cultures with the latest scientific understanding of nutrition and health from a functional medicine perspective, while honoring the bio-individuality of each of us. 

Carol is excited to help and empower others to experience a life in which the nourishment of nutrient dense, properly prepared, whole foods combined with an attunement to our innate wisdom, creates a vitality and sense of wellbeing that enables individuals to be their most vibrant selves.