2nd Annual Entrepreneur Lab: An All Day Retreat

  • Expand Your Network of Talented Women Entrepreneurs
  • Get Inspired by Other Female ShEO’s.
  • Transform and Grow Your Business

Our Entrepreneur Lab event gathers inspiring, ambitious women-heroes together in the stunning Hivery environment for a daylong immersion in business learning, connecting, inspiration, fun, mentorship, and transformative growth.
Are you a woman entrepreneur, someone who wants to create a viable, vibrant business that makes your mark on this world? Are you dedicated to personal growth and entrepreneurial learning? Want to connect with #womendoingcoolstuff for an exciting and challenging full day together, where we’ll make personal and business transformation progress and laugh, connect, and enjoy each other in the process?


This will be an escape from the day-to-day of working in the details of your business, far away from your personal and professional responsibilities (no kids crying here!) in the stunning Pinterest-worthy surroundings of The Hivery. This is the ultimate opportunity to focus on your business, problem solve with incredibly smart women, get re-inspired for your business, and recharge. This will be a time for inspiration, AND focused concentration on developing our businesses, and on our connectedness as a community of amazing women. 
Come join us for our spectacular one-day Hivery Entrepreneur Retreat, where we will focus on developing ourselves and our businesses while sharing the experience and collective wisdom with other women entrepreneurs doing the same.


Your Hivery Entrepreneur Lab event ticket opens the door to a full day of expert advice, best practices, business brainstorming, personalized “hot seat” problem solving, intention setting, meals, and shared group activities that will ensure you forge deep new connections, resources, and actionable next steps.
Our event will include the following:

  • An intensive one-day program with like-minded women entrepreneur peers.
  • Featured guest speakers who will inspire and help you take your business to the next level.
  • Direct access to mentors and coaches for guidance and hands-on coaching.
  • Peer mastermind sessions and networking.
  • Great food, stretch/yoga breaks, and celebration cocktail hour


Meet us at The Hivery, the one and only women’s co-working space in the Bay Area (and super Pinterest-worthy at that!), to get inspired by mentorship, implementable ideas, support, and networking with other women entrepreneurs in your community. You will learn from experienced businesswomen and connect with vibrant women in your community who are part of what we lovingly call #womendoingcoolstuff


  • You want to learn how to run your business more effectively, so you can create more.
  • You want to discover your core purpose and use it with confidence in your business.
  • You want a learning experience that will give you tools and wisdom that you can implement in your business as soon as you get home and will make an immediate difference.
  • You want to run a financially sound business and surround yourself with other women doing the same.


  • You will walk away with a community of friends and mentors who wholeheartedly believe in you and are cheering you on.
  • You will have clarity on how to move your business forward in a way that is full of success and balance.
  • You will feel energized, refreshed and motivated to dream big and apply everything that you learned in your life and in your business.
  • You will have actionable tips, tools and resources to use in all aspects of your business including marketing, sales, social media, finances, etc.
  • You will have the investment of the time you took to work intentionally on your business instead of always working in your business.

Why Attend


Prepare to be inspired by an unprecedented collective of women entrepreneurs,sought-after women entrepreneurs, startup investors, media, enterprise partners, and mentors to support female founders through participatory presentations, workshops, round tables and more. on and off the stage. Entrepreneurs and business leaders such as Megan Flatt, Mama CEO, Grace Kraaijvanger, founder and CEO of The Hivery, and a few of our community’s successful entrepreneurs share their stories—and lessons learned along the way—about defying the challenges, odds, new chapters, and reinventing business.


Surround yourself with smart, savvy, female business owners with diverse backgrounds, passions, and pursuits for a day of honest conversation, provocative thinking, innovative ideas, and actionable solutions. Our collective group of #womendoingcoolstuff will have you energized and empowered to build a thriving business and life.


Have your most pressing business challenges, concerns, and questions addressed in a peer forum. You will have reserved, custom time to explain a specific business challenge that you are working on and you’ll receive practical advice, realistic and actionable solutions, as well as innovative ideas on how to plan, fund, market, launch and grow your business from a diverse group of women entrepreneurs, across all stages of business.

PRICE: $295 for the day, including your ticket to the entrepreneur retreat, speakers, peer mastermind sessions, goody bag (of course!), breakfast, lunch, and cocktail hour. 

Testimonials from our 1st Entrepreneur Lab: 

Blown away with how smart, helpful, and supportive everyone was. I feel encouraged and inspired. The speakers were exactly what I needed to hear.

It was great! I think if you could even just offer mini entrepreneur labs that specialize more like mastermind sessions it would be very well received

I loved today! I feel inspired in a grounded boots-on-the-ground way. Like ready to take focused action. Thank you so much for a fabulously designed program

Brought me to tears- extremely thought-provoking!

Amazing, perfect, so needed, enlightening.

Loved it, loved all of it.

Beautiful. Engaging. Emotional. I loved all of the conversations.

Just a fantastic combo of thought provoking / ideology and powerful actionable information. Couldn't  be better.

THESE are the kinds of conferences I want to be going to! Less "networking" events or gross corporate events- MORE of these!

Gorgeous space. So glad this community exists. Love the morning speakers. Thank you for the courage to start this space!

I'm going home with a heart that is a full cup of joy and replenishment visible in all who attended.