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Branded Headshot Day

Still using last decade's headshot? Is reviving your headshot a nagging to-do item?  

Not anymore!

A great headshot matters for your personal brand, your social media presence, LinkedIn, speaking opportunities, and your website. It's not's a must! The Hivery wants to make it easy for you to have a gorgeous shot that feels like your best self! 

Book a session at The Hivery's Branding and Headshot Day to get your makeup, styling, and photographs professionally done. In a simple, one-hour session, you will have your makeup and hair touched up to perfection, get tips, accessories, and touches for impeccable styling, and get your photo taken by one of our incredibly talented photographers! You'll have the opportunity to incorporate any props, products, logos, branding, books, etc. to tell your personal brand story. 

Make Headshots Easy and Fun!

This is your opportunity for a one-stop-shop branding day with a professional creative team. No bookings at the makeup counter, no personal stylist appointments, and no sifting through countless faceless photographers on Yelp. It's all here for you! You'll have these headshots for your site, LinkedIn profile, speaking opportunities, social media, and many other uses!   


Sophia Mavrides, Visual Storyteller

Sophia, is the founder of Hi5 Studio, a design & photography studio focused on refining brands through cohesive and distinctive visual storytelling. Her sweet spot is capturing the energy and beauty of local women entrepreneurs.

See her work HERE


Kim Thompson Steel, Visual Storyteller

It's all about story.  After telling stories as a character animator on award winning visual effects films and commercials for many years, Kim continues to create visual narratives through her photography and video work. A Toronto native, Kim came to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1995 to work at George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic.   Her current photography projects encompass her love of natural light, food, and lifestyle portraits of makers and creative entrepreneurs with their work.

See her work HERE


Jacquelyn Warner, Photographer

Jacquelyn Warner is a photographer living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She loves hiking, eating, drinking margaritas and men who cook.  She excels at making ordinary things look, well, extra-ordinary.  

See her work HERE


Makeup Artists: 

Amy Lawson, Makeup + Hair Artist

Amy is a professional makeup and hair artist based in San Francisco, CA.  Her passion for fashion and beauty is what brought her to the decision to pursue a career in makeup.  Amy  tailors makeup and hairstyles to cater to each client's individual style.  She provides her talents for advertising, magazines, and video/film. Some of her clients have included Instagram, Oakley, Levi's, and publications like Marie Claire and Elle Magazine.


Sydney Hafen, Green Beauty Advocate and Makeup Artist

Sydney began her journey to finding non-toxic, clean alternatives for conventional products when she began modeling professionally. Her skin was under constant stress from chemical-latent products being applied and removed for up to 10 hours on set. Countless hours of research and product testing later, she has compiled a 'green beauty kit' consisting of camera-tested and approved products. 

Personal Styling:

Susana Perczek, of Style Rescue

Raised in Buenos Aires, Lima, Miami and California, Susana embodies international flair. She is the founder of Style Rescue, a personal styling and wardrobe coaching company. As a former Print Production manager working with top advertising agencies, she became known for her astute design sensibilities and her knowledge of color, proportion, and the elements of design which translates perfectly to helping professionals look their best in clothes. Susana's goal is to empower and inspire you to dress stylishly and confidently! 

See her work HERE 

Clothing and accessories provided by BRANDED Boutique 

IMPORTANT: Please select your time and photographer carefully, as these spots are high in demand, and NON-REFUNDABLE. The time slot you select is final. Please arrive for your time slot 45 minutes - 1 hour early for makeup and styling. 

Non-Member Price: $596

Member Price: $477* 

*Members, to redeem your 20% discount, enter FRESHPICS at checkout. 

Branded Headshot Day
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