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Writing for the Web: The Essentials

You put so much time, energy and endless tweaks into your website... But even after 17 hours of editing, it doesn't feel as clear as you imagined . You like to think your work is pretty awesome, but will your readers feel the same? Will they "get it?" 

Great copy starts with great formatting. Even if you're not a writer, there are 100s of easy techniques anyone can implement to make your website more compelling and effective.  

So if your website feels more like an anchor than a catamaran, join this hands-on workshop where I'll walk you through my favorite copy hacks, including:

+ Formatting tips to help your message get noticed. (i.e. Did you know that "4" converts better than "four"?)

+ Techniques that make your copy crystal clear. (i.e. Lead with a verb! Don't write: “Did you know you can receive a free consultation?” Instead say: “Get your free consultation.")

+ How to keep your language fun and casual using some of my favorite online tools

Learn how to bring your words to life and take your website from "meh" to "omg gimme."

Bring your laptop! We'll break every 20 minutes so you can put these techniques to use. I'll leave time for 2-3 live edits so you can really see this work in action.

Writing for the Web: The Essentials
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About Marian: 

 Marian Schembari: Mini-Portrait Sessions in Las Vegas during #BiSC // Erin Parker Photography

Marian Schembari writes website and sales copy for entrepreneurs who struggle with articulating their message. She helps them use their words to resonate with their perfect customer. Even better, those words bring in the money (without needing to sound like a used car salesman or corporate robot in the process). Clients include Marie Forleo, Teachable, Couchsurfing and CultureIQ.