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Green Beauty Consultation with Sydney Hafen

By popular demand, I am excited to offer green beauty consultations right here at The Hivery! In a one-hour session, we will discuss your skin concerns, how to amplify your uniquely beautiful features, and how to work a practical beauty routine into your lifestyle. 

Honor your body and your grace your face with products that enhance your natural beauty with equally natural ingredients. 

Choose from one of the two sessions below (once you sign up, I will send you a follow-up email): 

Personalized Green Beauty Routine

In this session, we will discuss your skin type, concerns, and personal style to develop a list of clean, high-performance product recommendations, and how to apply them. Are you a sunscreen and chapstick gal looking for a slightly more pulled-together yet equally effortless routine? Or smoky-eyed glam goddess looking or a product re-vamp? A sea of makeup products can be overwhelming, but I have some ideas for you! In this session, we will start from scratch and build your routine from the ground up. 

Makeup Application & Lesson

After speaking for a few minutes about your skin type and style, I will use some of my favorite products from my own kit to apply your makeup while explaining how to do each step, and what it accomplishes. I will teach you techniques that embrace your unique beauty and facial structure, while discussing the importance of self-care and adornment. You will leave with a fresh face of makeup, and easy, timeless techniques you can use at home. 

When you register below, I will send you an email asking which session you'd like, along with a short questionnaire that will help me prepare for our session together. 

It would be my honor to help you discover new, beautiful clean beauty products, and guide you through a customized routine that empowers and inspires you! 

Pricing: Non-Member- $195, Member- $156

MEMBERS- receive 20% off with discount code GREEN20 at checkout. 

Green Beauty Consultation 4/25/17

About Sydney:

My journey to eco-beauty began in 2012 when I started to model professionally and struggled with my skin. On set, makeup artists would apply, remove and reapply makeup for up to 10 hours, and I would wake up the next morning with redness, irritation, and blemishes. I tried to solve the problem with more chemicals- everything from dermatologist-prescribed creams to drugstore face washes, but the result was always more irritation. One day, while sitting in the dermatologist’s office deciding whether to go on a round of antibiotics, I had an epiphany- the body is self-healing! The answer is not more foreign chemicals, it’s less. From that moment on, I have been transitioning my daily products to cleaner, non-toxic, organic options. Now, I hope to help women everywhere apply makeup that makes them look and feel their best, while using products that enhance their natural beauty with ingredients found in nature.