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Discovery Circle with Nicole Gnutzman

All members are welcome at the Discovery Circle and members are welcome to work in the space for two hours after the Discovery Circle.  

This month’s Discovery Session is hosted by Nicole Gnutzman, Hivery Community Member and Soul’s Path Coach. She’ll be sharing a brief soul-inspiring reading with the group along with her cacao bliss bites, and will facilitate guided discussion on a soulful topic.

The discovery session is an hour-long facilitated group session to share motivation, ideas, coaching, mentorship, and community. 

NOTE: Just before and after, you are invited to spread out or find a nook in The Hivery to work on whatever you'd like.  Work on a project, to-do lists, journalling, etc. The time is yours.

This is event is reserved for members only.

Although the event is free for members, please register if you expect to come. This helps us plan for this and future events. Thank you!

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Discovery Circle 4/28/17

About Nicole: 

Nicole Gnutzman is founder of Soulscape Coaching, a transformational way of coaching that guides clients to find their soul gifts and path, and design the life they truly want to live into. Her approach includes Whole Person Coaching that honors her client's own inner wisdom; ancient Mayan sources of wisdom and soul connection such as Mayan Day Sign readings and sacred cacao ceremony; and dream analysis because dreams are messages from our soul.

She spent 20 years in the corporate and non-profit worlds as a change leader, followed her heart to become a chocolatier designing custom chocolates for wineries, and after a business partnership went sideways, had a dark night of the soul and realized she needed to embrace who she truly was and her soul gifts. That's when she fully committed to finding her soul's path. Along the way her inner wisdom told her that her path is to guide others to find theirs .... Her work is now her joy. 

Nicole is also a cacao medicine carrier and dream circle leader, holding sacred ceremonial space for groups that allows for deep soul exploration, connection to the sacred and self-healing. She also holds transformative retreats and workshops in beautiful places.

Her website is: It’s there that she writes a blog exploring all things soul related.