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Entrepreneur's Circle: Removing Limiting Belief and Unlocking Potential

Join us for our casual and conversational Entrepreneur's Circle at The Hivery!

Christine Hildebrand

This month, member and business development expert Christine Hildebrand will walk us through her five steps to removing self-limitations and unlocking potential.

In a jam-packed, information-full hour, Christine will share insight on how to best use intention and other energetic tools to maximize flow to your life and business and more! 

This is another way to make sure you're not going at the business of building a business on your own! But rather with the trusted circle of The Hivery community. 

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Entrepreneur's Circle 7/20/17
Member or Non-Member:

About Christine Hildebrand

Christine Hildebrand is the CEO/Founder of Emergent, Inc., a Bay-area based business development, marketing company, specializing in strategy, positioning and multi-channel marketing campaigns for clients in CPG, retail, technology, healthcare, hospitality and more. 

Christine has more than 20 years of experience in business development, strategic branding, marketing, and PR with multi-perspective – working on both the corporate and agency sides. She utilizes consumer insights and behavior to create positioning and communication to attract customers, engage communities and build lasting brand value. Christine has held top marketing and business development roles for Fortune 500 corporations, mid-size companies and start-ups.