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Member Spotlight: Jen Baxter, Mobile Photography—Fundamentals of Taking Great Pictures With Your Phone

In this special Member Spotlight, Jen Baxter will teach you how to use your cell phone to take amazing, clear, beautiful photos. 

Do you have moments when you're traveling and you wish you could take a better picture? With some basic knowledge about light, composition and how to evoke feelings through your images, anyone can learn the basics of what makes a compelling photo.

Learn about best practices for shooting and editing images solely using your smart phone. We’ll cover tips on shooting with the iPhone (I’ll be using an iPhone, but any smart phone will work); hands-on editing using a few favorite apps to enhance images; and also accessories for smart phone photography. This class will improve your ability to take great photos for social media, documenting adventures when you travel, and creating images that you can print and be proud of.

Necessary camera: any smart phone with a camera and the OS software (with enough memory) to download most new apps. Please bring your iTunes or App Store User ID and password. iPhone is preferable and what I’ll be using to teach.

Seats are limited so please kindly register online before this program. 

This event is the first in a Member Spotlight series on Visual Storytelling With Your Mobile Phone that will complement and build upon each other. A true collaboration among Hivery members! Stay tuned for details. 


Jen Baxter is a writer, photographer and storyteller. She works with businesses to create social media content that engages customers and focuses on community building. She’s also Assistant Director of the Firefly Institute Women’s Photography Camp taking place October 11-15th at Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma.