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Global Character Day

Join us and millions around the globe for the fourth annual Character Day on September 13th! The Hivery is proud to join over 100,000 groups participating in this global conversation about the importance of developing and improving character (qualities like empathy, curiosity, grit, humility, bravery, social responsibility, and many more).

We will feature incredible speakers and short films throughout the day in our Creative Studio. Selected films include The Science of Character (8 min), which explores the neuroscience and social science behind character development, and how we can shape who we are and who we want to be; and The Making of a Mensch (10 min), which takes the science explored in The Science of Character and reframes it through the lens of the great Jewish teachings of The Mussar tradition. Pop in and out to catch your favorite speaker or get comfy and stay for the day! The Hivery’s Julie Carlucci, VP of Strategy and Operations, will be kicking off the celebration at 8am with Joe Beckman’s dynamic presentation on the big screen. Discussions throughout the day will follow!  


There will be a new speaker every 30 minutes, and you’ll be able to watch and ask questions through both and on Facebook. Below is a selection of the amazing lineup of speakers who will be talking about the importance of character development from all different perspectives, and across all parts of society. More speakers are being added daily, so stay tuned here!

8:00am: Joe Beckman - International Speaker on the necessity of human connection
8:30am:  Sir Anthony Francis Seldon - Leading Educational Commentator
9:00am:  Soren Gordhamer - Founder of Wisdom 2.0
10:00am: Alan Morinis - Leader in Mussar Movement
11:00am: Angela Duckworth - Scientist and author of GRIT
12:00pm: Moby - Musician and Animal activist
12:30pm: Shabnam Mogharabi - CEO of Soul Pancake
1:00pm: Sharon Salzberg - Critical leader in bringing meditation and mindfulness to the West
1:30pm: Dr. Nelly - producer of MomTalk TV
2:30pm: Lea Waters - Positive Psychology Specialist
3:00pm: Chade-Meng Tan -  Former Head of Personal Growth at Google and Founder of “Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.”

As seats are limited and this is a public event, we kindly ask that you please register online in advance. Free for members and non-members. All are welcome!

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Led by Tiffany Shlain, Emmy-nominated filmmaker and founder of The Webby Awards, our team at San Francisco-based Let it Ripple has had four films premiere at Sundance, has won over 80 awards and distinctions, and has had four films selected by The U.S. State Department to screen at embassies around the world to foster dialogue across borders.

Let it Ripple’s mission is to use film, technology, discussion materials, and live and virtual events to engage people in conversation and action around complicated subjects that are shaping our lives, and updating these topics through an engaging, accessible, 21st century lens. Over the past ten years, we have created and distributed 30 films, engaged over 50 Million people in dialogue, pioneered a new way of making films we call “Cloud Filmmaking,” where we make films collaboratively with people all over the world, and founded a new model to start global conversations with screenings and discussions across all continents on the same day, with a combination of live and virtual events.

Our annual global day Character Day is now in its fourth year. It has grown from having 1,500 events its first year, to 6,700 events its second year, to over 93,000 events in 125 countries and all 50 states last fall. The fourth annual Character Day is set for September 13th, 2017. This past spring, we launched our newest initiative — using the same, unique, successful model of Character Day, the first annual 50/50 Day — a global conversation about how to get to gender parity — had over 11,000 events on May 20. The second annual 50/50 Day is now set for April 26, 2018.