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Discovery Circle: Creating an Empowered Mindset with Johanna Beyer

Every month, on the last Friday of the month, we hold our Discovery Circle. 

The Discovery Circle is an hour-long facilitated group session to share motivation, ideas, coaching, mentorship, and community. 

This month, we welcome Hivery member Johanna Beyer to lead our session. 

In this interactive hour, Johanna will lead you through a thought provoking exercise to explore who we are at our best at work and who we are when we get triggered in our professional lives. We all know what it feels like when we are centered, clear and in our power. That is the place where all creativity and wise problem solving happens. The more centered we are throughout our days the more able we are to download our highest gifts, creative thinking and abilities to impact people in positive ways. 

Together we will learn from one another’s experiences, receive new strategies to increase our emotional intelligence and really talk about what it means to embrace our shadow selves so that we can come back to center as quickly as possible.

All are welcome at the Discovery Circle and members are welcome to work in the space for two hours after the program (please ask the Community Concierge at reception for access). 

NOTE: Just before and after, you are invited to spread out or find a nook in The Hivery to work on whatever you'd like.  Work on a project, to-do lists, journaling, etc! Community members get a 2-hour pass after the Discovery Circle. The time is yours!

As seats are limited, we kindly ask that you please register online in advance. Free for members. $30 for non-members. All are welcome!

Not a Hivery member yet? Learn more about membership and sign up here.

The Discovery Circle  is one of The Hivery's signature monthly programs. Mark your calendar for the last Friday of each month from 9:30-10:45am to join this program. 


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Johanna Beyer received her Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA and her Master’s Degree in Organizational Development from California Institute of Integral Studies. While working as a management consultant for The Grove Consultants International, she learned the fine art of strategic facilitation and led hi- level executive teams in creative strategic planning for long-term success. In 2000, Johanna joined The Idea Factory where she focused her attention towards helping organizations become more innovative. She worked closely with Nokia, IBM and the The Ministry of Education in Singapore. In 2002, Johanna added one-on-one leadership coaching to her work and founded On Your Path Consulting. Johanna has been privileged to work with people and teams across the country to help them move past their obstacles and fears so that they can uncover their creativity and gifts. By using different facilitation tools and processes, Johanna is able to guide people to the clarity they need in order to live more purposeful and abundant lives. When she is not coaching others, she is spending time with her husband, two sons and big fluffy cat!