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Discovery Circle: Breath Alchemy with Faye Wylder

Every month, on the last Friday of the month, we hold our Discovery Circle. 


The Discovery Circle is an hour-long facilitated group session to share motivation, ideas, coaching, mentorship, and community. 

This month, we welcome Hivery member Faye Wylder to lead our session.

In this interactive hour, Faye will guide us in a transformational session. Takeaways include: 

  • Leadership and entrepreneurship as a spiritual path inviting us into radical, holistic embodiment
  • The real meaning of confidence
  • Understanding how repressed feeling states - the result of oppressive paradigms - keep us afraid, and defended
  • Support + encouragement to take complete responsibility for our inner emotional states and tools to unwind, alchemizing stress into our unlimited, embodied energetic potential and innate faith in Spirit (Life, God, Love)
  • Breath Alchemy session and techniques focused on embodied FEELING, specifically rage, fear, and grief, to connect with the Heart as the Leader

All are welcome at the Discovery Circle and members are welcome to work in the space for two hours after the program (please ask the Community Concierge at reception for access). 

NOTE: Just before and after, you are invited to spread out or find a nook in The Hivery to work on whatever you'd like.  Work on a project, to-do lists, journaling, etc! Community members get a 2-hour pass after the Discovery Circle. The time is yours!

As seats are limited, we kindly ask that you please register online in advance. Free for members. $30 for non-members. All are welcome!

Not a Hivery member yet? Learn more about membership and sign up here.

The Discovery Circle  is one of The Hivery's signature monthly programs. Mark your calendar for the last Friday of each month from 9:30-10:45am to join this program. 



Faye Wylder is a #Lightcaster, a pray-er and a preacher. 

An Earth Angel (like you), Faye empowers humanity’s sovereignty and creative potential through her love and wavering example. She's been around many blocks many times, and is perfectly human.

Faye offers integrated inspiration in private and group mentorship containers for enterpRising leaders, weaving empowering ministry with Breath Alchemy.

She is dedicated to sharing the radical support of essential oils. 

Faye walks as a beacon for those connected to the Magdalene lineage, here to embody unconditional love through the vehicles of business, family, activism, and daily practices of radical self-love.

An award winning writer since the age of 8, Faye holds a BA in English Literature and Dance from UC Berkeley, and has been mentoring women since 2002. She lives in San Rafael with her Beloved husband Adam and their two young sons, Forest, and Fox. 

In her free time, Faye enjoys anointing herself, driving at night, dancing on the internet, communing with the redwoods, and watching Shark Tank while folding never-ending piles of laundry.