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Embody The Goddess + Reclaim Your Own Body Event With Erin Burch

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Embody the goddess workshop

Erin Burch, who is the Founder of The Burch Method and known by her A-list clients as "The Body Whisperer" is offering a very special weekend workshop called Embody The Goddess.

Please come and experience an extraordinary reclamation of your own body.


There is no doubt that we are living in extraordinary times, where the Feminine is Rising and there is a Reclamation on many levels and Empowerment of that which has been struggling to be seen.Embodiment is a huge and necessary piece of that Sovereignty. We have been living out a centuries old disconnection with our bodies. Our true and lasting power lies in the resonance with our alignment and our design. Experience delight when you discover this vital connection. Come together as Feminine Leaders and become enthralled by the transformation you witness for yourself and with each other!

In this workshop, you will:

  • Experience your True, Designed, Effortless and Goddess-given Posture so that you age & move gracefully.

  • Feel taller, look 5 lbs thinner so that you appear Regal, Graceful and Elegant.

  • Learn how to move and walk in that way so that people will be amazed at your Feline Grace.

  • Claim what it's like to Never Be A Victim Again with nothing but your Alignment and the Power of your Body Language (Based on research studies).

  • Experience the powerful feeling of your engaged and functional Core Container.™ It is a complete Game-Changer for staying younger.

  • Release your chronic and problem tension areas so that you reclaim the ease of moving, your feeling of freedom, lightness and floating.

Please click on the link below to register and take advantage of a special offer to bring another Goddess for FREE.

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