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Entrepreneur's Circle: Why Persistence Is Critical To Achieving Success with Persist Game Co-Founders


Join us for our casual and conversational Entrepreneur's Circle at The Hivery! This is another way to make sure you're not tackling the business of building a business on your own, but rather with the trusted circle of The Hivery community. This month, we welcome two of the co-founders of Persist the Game. Kathryn Ekloff and Amber Hanson will lead a candid dialogue on persisting as entrepreneurs and females in business today. Then they will facilitate a fun interactive conversation about persistence using Persist the Game.

“Nevertheless, She Persisted” is a mantra for ambitious women today. However, how do you actually persist in daily life and business as a 21st century female? Persist the Game Co-founders Kathryn and Amber who along with their third co-founder Marybeth have spent over a decade in Corporate America within male dominated fields and at major technology companies. Where the further they progressed in their careers, the more alone they felt as women. Until one day, an “ah-ha” moment. What if … they built a game. 

Persist is a card game that helps women laugh at the ridiculous role assigned to them in the game of life. The double standards. Being told they are too emotional in performance reviews. Mansplainers and manspreaders. Unsolicited questions about family planning. Not to mention all the ways women are doomed to fail at living up to culture’s standard of womanly virtue and grace. Persist the Game was founded on the notion that learning, laughing and connecting in the face of adversity can help all of us weather moments of insecurity, fear, and doubt that inevitably arise along the way. 

Join Kathryn and Amber as they share their perspective on why persistence is critical to achieving success, what persistence looks like from the lens of Persist the Game and why persisting together is imperative for making forward progress.

Key takeaways of this interactive session include:

  • A candid dialogue on persisting as entrepreneurs and females in business today

  • A better understanding of what persistence is and why we need to persist

  • A fun interactive conversation about persistence using Persist the Game

  • A better understanding of how to persist in good company

Pop Up Shop

From 1. 45 pm - 3 .00 pm there will be a Pop-Up shop to allow attendees and the rest of our community to buy Persist the Game - its the perfect holiday or hostess gift!

As seats are limited, advance online registration is required. Free for members. $30 for non-members. This is a BYO brown-bag lunch discussion. All are welcome!

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The Entrepreneur's Circle is one of The Hivery's monthly member events. Mark your calendar for the third Thursday of each month from 12:30 to 1:45pm to join this program. 

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About the Persist Team

Persist cofounders at The Hivery Entrepreneur Circle.jpg

The three co-Founders of Persist the Game (Kathryn Ekloff, Amber Hanson and Marybeth Pecha) crossed paths in 2015 while navigating our finance careers at Amazon. It was girl crush at first sight. Collectively, we have nearly three decades of experience in corporate finance. One day at a happy hour, a lightbulb went off. We realized these nights together offered a much-needed cathartic release of the stress, frustration, and isolation we felt as women with ambition.We craved something that reminded us we weren’t alone in this journey. We thought, “What if there was a game that celebrated life from the female perspective?”

Kathryn Ekloff - Is a creative soul hiding behind a career in numbers and excel spreadsheets. Kathryn’s keen design eye navigated the way through our product development phase of Persist the Game, and she continues to be the guiding force for all things design related. Outside of co-founding and ongoing design lead for Persist the Game, Kathryn recently transitioned from Finance at Amazon to Google, while also navigating into motherhood. Kathryn has nearly a decade of Corporate experience from Boeing to Google, and is currently living in Seattle, Washington. In her free time, she enjoys scouring Seattle’s thrift and antique stores, spending time with her nearly 1-year old daughter Florence, her miniature poodle Zuzu and her equally creative husband Joey.

Amber Hanson - Amber loves bringing people together to get things done ⎯ from product launches to Cinco de Mayo parties, Amber thrives on a good challenge and likes to have some fun along the way. For Persist the Game, Amber deals with operational pieces of the business, while also dabbling in social media. Amber also enjoys numbers with over a decade of Corporate Finance experience from General Mills to Amazon and is currently based in London as a Finance Lead for Europe Prime Now. In her free time, she enjoys broadening her simple Minnesota farming roots by traveling to new countries (31 and counting) and spending time with her husband Reid, 20lb cat Fuzzy and french bulldog Clyde.

Find out more about Persist the Game here.