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Let’s Stop Comparing Ourselves – Start Bonding with Exceptionalism!

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Comparisons rob you of your sense of self and undermine the potential for your authenticity to emerge. In order to achieve true success, it is essential to learn how to stop comparing your professional path to that of others.

This workshop is designed to help you disconnect from harmful common beliefs and to identify and interlace guiding principles that can turn your mindset around.

This is an explorative journey of resetting your inner compass toward authentic self-mastery.

You will leave renewed and revitalized with your hand-made “AUTHENTICITY COMPASS”- a tangible reminder of your unique path and the force of magnetism attracting others to you in their pursuit of change.

To evaluate and determine your professional path it is essential to stop looking outside, judging and measuring yourself against others.

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The Hivery Private Event Policy
Please note that this event is not being hosted by The Hivery. We invite our Members and greater community to host private events and programs at The Hivery. Private event hosts are responsible for ticketing and overall event experience for all guests.