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Inspiration Circle: Reconnect with Your Body & Posture with Erin Burch

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The Inspiration Circle is a facilitated group session all about personal discovery and exploration. Join us to connect with fellow members and come together in a welcoming group setting! This monthly event is a great opportunity to share motivation, ideas, coaching, and mentorship.

In today's busy world we often get disconnected with our body and posture until it shows up in the form of pain or tension. Understanding the design of the body and fully acknowledging its gifts can redefine our relationship with it and the aging process.  

This month, we are excited to welcome Hivery Member, Erin Burch, who is the Founder of The Burch Method and known by her A-list clients as "The Body Whisperer". Erin will share easy ways to increase body and posture awareness and discover the empowerment available with true alignment. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How Alignment is the guiding principle for your posture and structures

  • How amazing posture can be fluent, easy and sustainable

  • How the organizing principle of the body is the Core Container™

  • How being able to connect to your body gives you choice you never knew you had

  • The secrets to living in harmony with your body so that it lasts and lasts

  • Why we age in the way we do and what you can do about it

The journey into your Aging Process doesn't have to be defined by pain, stiffness, disease and disability. It can be totally re-scripted into grace, flow and connection that leads you into an expansive, gratifying and sustainable life as you chronologically add the years!

Small changes can make a huge difference and Erin will show you how fully connecting with your body can give you choices you never knew you had! 

As seats are limited, advance online registration is required. Free for members. $30 for non-members. This is a BYO brown-bag lunch discussion. All are welcome!

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The Inspiration Circle is one of The Hivery's monthly member events. Mark your calendar for the fourth Thursday of each month from 12:30 to 1:45pm to join this program. 

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About Erin Burch

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Erin Burch is fascinated by what it takes to be the most amazing human being possible and to realize our potential from every perspective. She is compelled to explore the truth of our paradigms about pain and aging because she’s done deep research for the past 25 years in her own body to reverse an “irreversible” condition, caused by aggressive scar tissue that threatened to leave her in constant pain and unable to walk.

Clients from east and west coast as well as Hollywood A-list Actors, Professional musicians, rock-n-roll icons, professional athletes and network executives and producers have found relief from the rigors of pain and aging from The Burch Method. Erin is taking her work global and she is committed to breaking through the belief barriers we all have about what’s possible for our middle and later life outcomes!

She is known by her clients as "The Body Whisperer" and Founder of The Burch Method, quite simply, gives you your body back. If Humpty Dumpty had a dream, it would be her. Her fascination with healing took her from her roots as a Physical Therapist to in-depth yoga to reversing an impossible situation in her own body. She draws on your Body's Blueprint to create profound, lasting an phenomenal results. Erin’s fresh, engaging speaking approach, combined with her deep wealth of knowledge will leave your attendees wanting more. Whether you’re looking for a keynote or a workshop, Erin will teach and share her expertise in a simple, and entertaining way.