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Jumpstart 2017. A Two Month Program Led by Grace Kraaijvanger.

Start the Year Off Right!

January + February Accountability Program

This accountability program is for you if 2017 is your year, and you have no intention of starting small. You have a project, a business, a social impact project, a plan, an idea, or a book that you are determined, called, and driven to move forward in 2017. 

Your word this year is clarity, bravery, and/or action. You don’t want to fall into old habits of procrastination, fear, or "the overwhelms”. You certainly don’t want to do it alone. You want to be held accountable with a group that you trust and admire. You would love to work intensively for 60-days to create a massive impact. You are ready

Two Month Program (Every Friday) Includes:

  • Kickoff Session: January 13th, 9:30 am- 12 pm to clarify, voice, and create an actionable plan toward your goals and intentions for 2017 (no more lost New Year’s resolutions!), using peer mastermind format.

  • Private mentorship session with Grace Kraaijvanger, founder of The Hivery.

  • Follow-Up-Friday Accountability Check-Ins. Held 9:30 am-10:15 am on Jan 20, Jan 27, Feb 10, Feb 17, Feb 24.

  • Momentum Session: Feb 3rd, 9:30 am - 12 pm in a peer mastermind format.

  • Co-working access all day at The Hivery every Friday in January and February.

  • Private Facebook group with goals due to the group every Monday by 10 am.

  • Motivation Monday message from Grace each week including: strategies for getting things done, writing prompts, resources, and inspiring encouragement.


What You’ll Walk Away With:

  • Accountability, mentorship, and support for jumpstarting and DIVING IN to the year.

  • Actionable plans for Q1 and beyond.

  • Shared resources, connections, and strategic advice from a like-minded group.

  • Repeated discipline to show up and do the work.

  • Good habits (goal-setting, decision-making, time management, self-care, and self-love) that move you through the discomfort, fear, or self-sabotage (common culprits that slow down real change).

  • Ability to push through obstacles and challenges with the support of a like-minded group that won’t let you give up.

What is an accountability/mastermind group? 

A small group dedicated to sharing goals, creating accountability, sharing resources, and mentoring. Using a specific format of sharing, active listening, and group feedback, as well as scheduled check-ins, you will have the opportunity to share your vision and plans with a like-minded, supportive group. This methodology creates action, and breaks down typical barriers like procrastination or the feeling of being overwhelmed. 

Additional Content You'll Receive:

  • Tips on creating a regular, writing practice to move your ideas into action

  • Resources for creating and integrating a meditation practice

  • Self-care during jumpstart

  • Strategies for charging what you’re worth, getting over your value issues, and making real money

Four Guiding Principles of this Program (and making 2017 your year):

1) CLARITY: Create intentions, manifest what you want, and get clear on the actions it takes to get there.
2) PEERS: You are as good as the people you spend time with. Surround yourself with like-minded, motivated women who are kicking bootie, just like you. Who you surround yourself, impacts how you feel about yourself AND how you follow through. 
3) ACTION: Get the ideas out of your head, and into decisive actions. Complete with due-dates and timelines. Realistic and do-able, with amazing impact. 
4) SELF-LOVE: You’ll be doing the work, showing up, and taking action. We’ll remind you what a stellar job you’re doing, and that you’re the ONLY ONE with your unique mix of gifts. 

Program Details: 

Two month program including January and February sessions as outlined above, peer mentorship groups, private mentorship with Grace Kraaijvanger (founder of The Hivery), every Friday in Jan/Feb workdays at The Hivery, private Facebook group access, and Motivation Monday email series.

Cost: $895. Early bird pricing: Register before December 31, 2016 and receive $100 off. Hivery Members receive 20% off. 

You can have absolutely whatever you want, and you are always closer than you think. Make 2017 YOUR year to have an impact, thrive, be yourself, and create exactly what you want. It’s up to you and you are ready. 

Facilitated by Hivery Founder, Grace Kraaijvanger. Learn more about Grace here. 

Space is very limited in order to ensure small group attention.

Register below. 

Jumpstart Program: Accountability and Mastermind
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